Bring Your Own Madness

The Wrong Turn

THE WRONG TURN is a German band who plays modern Metal with a twist of […]
By Sergio Andrés
July 30, 2019
The Wrong Turn - Bring Your Own Madness album cover

THE WRONG TURN is a German band who plays modern Metal with a twist of Hardcore, some Swedish spice, and Sludgy down-tuned guitars. The first influence that comes to mind is the brilliant Southern American band STUCK MOJO, because of the shifty use of growl, scream, clean anthemic vocals and memorable melodies. It took me for the surprise for being a Deutsche band playing this Americanized style, and what surprises me more, is the fact that such a melodic band has this brutal image, concept, and iconography. They trick a lot with both extremes, the anthemic vocals (at times) with the raw bloodshed of their guitar sound. Worth notice is their remarkable visual concept.

Searching for info on these guys, the expression Nu-Metal came a few times, and yes, they do "smell like agro spirit" but totally out of control, they unleash pretty much every trick of the book: Heavy guitars, staccato vocals, double bass drums, melodic hooks on their lead guitars which makes their choruses stand out. But being honest, I see them more in the BIOHAZARD, LIFE OF AGONY mold rather than the LINKIN PARK / LIMP BIZKIT wagon. This release is sweet, but I miss some peace and dynamics in between some tracks because what makes the bands aforementioned them, was precisely their balance, the control, and dosage of brutality. This scheme of heaviness meets screaming, yet melodic choruses turn repetitive and meh.

"Full Metal Jackass" has its moments, but again, lacks something to stand out, maybe the production weights down too much on the Andy Sneap school of mixing (Sterile snare sound, non-audible cymbals) check the double bass part at 2:25 mark, there is potential, but it doesn't go anywhere. "The Getaway" has a catchy, kind of a WWE verse, with strong potential for an FM hit, plus has some cool Rapping, but the scream vocals sound so abrasive, it distracts the listener. In general, the record need some global guidance, they have potential, a proper marketable look, and sassy hooks, but with some external ears (out of Metal maybe) they can achieve greatness.

7 / 10









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"Bring Your Own Madness" Track-listing:

1. Full Metal Jackass
2. Blind White Eyes
3. Skills and Skulls
4. Angel on the Left, Devil on the Right
5. Caged in a Casket
6. The Wall
7. Bullshit
8. Smug
9. For my Brothers
10.Meant to Be
11.The Getaway

The Wrong Turn Lineup:

The Butcher- Vocals
Dr. Asylum- Vocals
Scarecrow - Bass
Scourg - Drums

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