Architects Of Destruction

The Walking Dead Orchestra

When I first heard the name, I expected THE WALKING DEAD ORCHESTRA to be the […]
By Bex "Hardcore" Tasker
October 24, 2013
The Walking Dead Orchestra - Architects Of Destruction album cover

When I first heard the name, I expected THE WALKING DEAD ORCHESTRA to be the soundtrack from the hit TV show about Zombies. Sweet, I thought, it's got awesome theme music. Although I was a tad disappointed that this ended up not being the case, I was not disappointed in the music by this deceptive band. THE WALKING DEAD ORCHESTRA are in fact a Deathcore band from France, who actually preach the same concept as 'The Walking Dead' in their debut album, Architects of Destruction. Prepare yourselves for some Brutal, Gun-firing, Zombie-killing, destruction of the ears.

The listener is presented with a horrific image of a Zombie-infested world right from the get-go. The opening track "Swamp Fever" consists of ferocious double kick and dreaded-distorted riffs that would really suit the tone* of a world of the undead. There is an epidemic of breakdowns, and maliciously aggressive vocals which can only be described as coming directly from the mouth of a terrifying Zombie. "A Mandatory Bloodshed" is likely to be the case in a world of deadly turmoil, and the band capture this perfectly. The vocals by Florian Gabriele are malevolent, JB and Kevin's guitars are unforgiving, Eduardo's bass captures the frenzy of running from those infected, and Cedric Ciulle's drumming is akin to machinegun bullets finding their targets. The song fades out into static, but the relief is brief.  Urgent riffs introduce the "Oppressive Procession" that follows, and remain frantic throughout the track. The drums maintain their machinegun-esque sound, and the vocals remain fierce, hostile and defiant. "Burden of the Flesh" again highlights the prowess of the guitarists, with relentlessly rapid distortion, and also introducing some melodic elements. The track to follow, "Catharsis For The Fallen" begins with a few urgent beats from the drums, and Ciulle keeps the bullets flying until the songs completion. The rhythm is funky in this one, containing breakdowns which would be a great deterrent of the undead. The rhythm of the next track is a bit more irregular, and significantly more urgent*. "Entombment of a Monarch" contains some hurtling drumming and riffication, certainly enough to get you running for your life.

The second half of the album begins with a dictation that human kindness may be a value to be forgotten in a Zombie-infested world. "Slaughtering the Weakest" depicts a fight for survival, with frenzied double kick and distortion illustrating that there is no time for hesitation. The successive track again highlights the urgency of the situation. With Gabriele's impressive vocal diversity and very speedy work by the guitarists, bassist and drummer, "A Way To Survive" is a testament you shouldn't ignore. "Locusts" is an infestation of the ears - of the good kind, of course. The hostility and distortion of this track enables the listener to visualize a persistent swarm buzzing around them relentlessly, making peace a distant and abstract concept. This terrifying invasion is followed by the desperately-desired "Holy Cleansing" - although the victim is offered little relief. The drums remain destructive, the guitars violent, the bass aggressive and the vocals unforgiving. "Vows of a Tyrant" are promises that should never be taken lightly, and this track is no different. The vocals differ in the introduction, and are more akin to speaking, as if Gabriele is making a declaration. Likewise, the drums, guitar and bass pledge brutality, yet as the songs draws to a close it becomes somewhat tamer, as if making an Oath of peace. However, this hope for resolution is short-lived, as the final track is just as unforgiving and relentless as ever. "Coronation" brings the album to a unsettled close, leaving the listener trapped in the petrifying world the band have so cruelly created for them.

A talented group of musicians, THE WALKING DEAD ORCHESTRA certainly bring the horror in "Architects of Destruction". This release is not merely a collection of tracks about the undead, but an account of what one may feel if lost in a Zombie epidemic. The band seem well-equipped for an impending Armageddon, so this album may just be your best defense if the apocalypse occurs - you never know when you might need it.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Architects Of Destruction" Track-listing:

1. Swamp Fever
2. A Mandatory Bloodshed
3. Oppressive Procession
4. Burden of the Flesh
5. Catharsis for the Fallen
6. Entombment of a Monarch
7. Slaughtering the Weakest
8. A Way to Survive
9. Locusts
10. Holy Cleansing
11. Vows of a Tyrant
12. Coronation

The Walking Dead Orchestra Lineup:

Florian Gabriele - Vocals
JB Machon- Guitar
Kevin - Guitar
Eduardo - Bass
Cédric Ciulle - Drums

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