Wake Up The Neighbourhood

The Treatment

Lets Wake Up This Town!
May 23, 2024

The Treatment the quintessential hard rock band from Cambridge UK bring us the highly anticipated sixth studio album “Wake Up The Neighbourhood”. Formed in 2008 The Treatment have shared the stage with the likes of Skid Row, Buckcherry, Kiss, Motley Crue and Thin Lizzy just to name a few. The Treatment are quoted as saying “They wanted to make an album that play homage to the golden era of Rock N' Roll whilst infusing their own modern twist. We are extremely proud that we have pushed ourselves to new heights and crafted an album we can be proud of.” September sees them tour the UK with The Dead Daisies.

Lets Wake Up This Town” a great up tempo track the second single is a great way to start the album it demands to be turned up to 11! It has those great guitar riffs, percussion with great vocal prowess from Tom Rampton. ”Back To The 1970s” the first single from this album is a great foot stomping track with an infectious melody, catchy chorus paying homage to the great rock bands of the Seventies. ”When The Thunder And Lightning Strikes” has that modern twist the melody the guitar riffs and vocals hit hard with great clarity and conviction they mean business they are here to rock! ”The Fire Still Burns” hits you like a freight train it has that classic AC/DC influence but also that stamp of the modern era from The Treatment. ”Man On A High Wire” carries on in the same vain as the previous tracks modern touches with classic rock traits of UFO, Thin Lizzy and AC/DC. ”Can't Wait No Longer” slows the tempo down a ballad The Treatment style a catchy offering that gives a bit of a Seventies Rod Stewart sort of vibe particularly the melody of the track. ”Don't Make No Difference” and “Fire Me Up” pick up the pace again two great tracks of high octane no nonsense Hard Rock with attitude as does “Kick You Around”. ”Free Yourself” and “I've Got My Mind Made Up” have a more bluesy swagger with a great bass line, guitar riffs and vocals, the latter which brings this album to an end.

The Treatment have definitely done what they set out to do. They deliver an album of unapologetic, high octane Rock N' Roll. This is an album of eleven great tracks which all of the highest quality, I cannot say that there is a weak track on this album, which today is a rarity for most albums from artists or bands. The musicianship on this album is off the scale. This is no question one of the best albums that will be released this year definitely worth adding to your collection, One golden rule though if you buy this album TURN UP TO 11!

10 / 10









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"Wake Up The Neighbourhood" Track-listing:

1,Lets Wake Up This Town

2.Back To The 1970s

3.When Thunder And Lightning Strikes

4.This Fire Still Burns

5.Man On The High Wire

6.I Can't Wait No Longer

7.Don't Make No Difference

8.Fire Me Up

9.Free Yourself

10.Kick You Around

11.I've Got My Mind Made Up

The Treatment Lineup:

Tom Rampton – Vocals

Dhani Mansworth – Drums

Tagore Grey – Guitar

Tao Grey – Guitar

Andy Milburn – Bass

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