Hic Abundant Leones

The Tower

On my latest web surf, using a computer rather than a surfboard, I came to […]
By Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook
April 23, 2014
The Tower - Hic Abundant Leones album cover

On my latest web surf, using a computer rather than a surfboard, I came to read some article about Psychedelic music. Mainly about the sub-genre of Psychedelic rock and Blues in the late 60 to the late 70. The article also spoke about the direction of the music in our days, and of some bands that do play this classic genre. One name kept popping up, and the name was THE TOWER. So I did my research, and found out the THE TOWER is surrounded by lots of hype. They are just releasing there debut album, so I did the thing I had to do to and asked my editor. Yes the well known god of doom and death Lucifer their release, please be aware that this review was written with blood, my blood.

As the intro already mentioned, THE TOWER are doing Psychedelic rock with some blues. Believe me it's a lot to chow down on. THE TOWER's new release is named; "Hic Abundant Leones". It took me a while to find the translation of the name, and I think that it refers to here lions abound a manuscript written in the 10's century. However I will be happy to stand corrected. Either way, THE TOWER are from Norway and "Hic Abundant Leones" is a nine tracks album.

First track "Non Omnis Moriar" is an intro, and it can be translated to I shall not all die.Believe me, that unlike many intros, it doesn't have any musical weight. "Non Omnis Moriar" creates a great build up for the first song, and it is the first time you will meet the Psychedelic music by THE TOWER. The second track "Adrenalawine" took me by surprise because I didn't know what water I would dive into.  However with "Adrenalawine", I took my head fast from the water so I would be able to listen to the classic 70's riffing and atmosphere. I was hooked. However only with the third track "Exile", did I understand that this album isn't a usual album. "Exile" is an amazing song, with great rhythm and vocals. It was much better to listen to it while watching this controversial video clip. This is no doubt, a classic track for the ages.

Don't miss "Lions At The Gate". Damn I died and went to Psychedelic rock in the 70's heaven. Also "Pine Tree Mary" is a ballad that should be listened on medical stuff. Believe me I tried. Others are great also. "Moonstoned" is a more Doomish sound meets Psychedelic. "Wounds" will send you thinking, where did I hear this before?
However, here is no need to look further, for "Wounds" is the original

I can go on and on about the album, but THE TOWER, 'Hic Abundant Leones" is an album to listen to and not to write about.

It's only April, however I think that I just listened to my album of the year for 2014 , enough said.


10 / 10


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"Hic Abundant Leones" Track-listing:

1. Non Omnis Moriar
2. Adrenalawine
3. Exile
4. Lucy
5. Lions At The Gate
6. Pine Tree Mary
7. Moonstoned
8. Wounds
9. The Tower

The Tower Lineup:

Erik: Vocals
August: Guitar
Viktor: Bass
Tommie: Drums

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