Project Bluebook

The Third And The Mortal

For some reason Metal distributors still promote The Third And The Mortal Releases. For some […]
By Michael Dalakos
August 22, 2005
The Third And The Mortal - Project Bluebook album cover

For some reason Metal distributors still promote The Third And The Mortal Releases. For some reason Metal media are still interested in them. Don't be mistaken: The Third And The Mortal have cut off any connection with Metal music a long time ago. This album has nothing to do with Rock, Metal or heavy music in general. In fact nothing released from this band since their 1995 EP release Nightsawn has anything to do with the music we listen.
Since it has fallen to my hands I have to write a couple of lines about them. Just for the record The Third And The Mortal became well known with their Tears Laid In Earth release back in 1994. That was a great atmospheric / dark / epic / gothic piece of work. Most of us also know the band 'cause of their previous vocalist, Kari Rueslεtten (her work after the departure from this band has also nothing to do with Rock or Metal).
Project Bluebook is not a full length release. It includes two new songs and five live recordings taken from the band's German Tour in October 2002. Though the band mentions them as bootleg recordings, the sound is really good. Since I don't really listen to such kind of music, judging it would be simply stupid. I can describe it as some kind of atmospheric electronic music that has no place in a headbanger's collection. If you really want to have a piece of this band's work better stick to Tears Laid In Earth (though kind of hard to be found these days).

"Project Bluebook" Track-listing:

Stalker (Live)
The City (Live)
Sort Of Invincible (Live)
Autophomea / Improv (Live)
Simple Man (Live)

The Third And The Mortal Lineup:

Rune Hoemsnes - Drums & Keyboards
Finn Olav Holthe - Programming & Guitar
Trond Engum - Guitar
Geir Nilsen - Piano
Kirsti Huke - Vocals
Andreas Elvenes - Vocals

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