The Temperance Movement

The Temperance Movement

Earlier on, right switching the computerized play button of my Winamp for the beginning of […]
September 2, 2013
The Temperance Movement - The Temperance Movement album cover

Earlier on, right switching the computerized play button of my Winamp for the beginning of my first listening session with this new British band called THE TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT and their upcoming album by the same name, via Earache Records, I had to read a little of what their guitarist, Luke Potashnick, said about the release as I felt moderately estranged because of it. Not every day that I switch in from Metal to Blues Rock, and I was also interested what the fuss was all about. Without exactly describing what he commented about it, I let it slide, but then it hit me in the face as the tunes began swarming around me like flies chasing a smell. The opposite of negativity, there might be a world of hurt involved but it will eventually pass on into the dawning of a great day. I estimate that it is something in the range of birds singing on the green trees with the summer sun shining, heating the ground. Feeling the good life all over again, being with the friends and feeling optimistic. Unlikely for a Blues Rock right? Surprises without end. Out of the theoretical issues, when it comes to vintage Rock, THE TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT have been between the hammer and the anvil, between kicking hard through the soft edges of smoothness.

After realizing that it is not another Hard Rock 70s revival like the label's RIVAL SONS or Nuclear Blast's Texan SCORPION CHILD warriors, I was able to let myself sit back, remember the old days of my youth and tune to the Blues, smuggled from the early 70s with a smidgen of the bloody late 60s, crossing bridges between Rock N' Roll and American Southern Rock, dashing with LYNRYD SKYNYRD or SKINNY MOLLY down the stretch with early LED ZEPPELIN, hitching a ride with FREE, THE EAGLES and a dose of BAD COMPANY, yet without leaving behind just a tiny mark of early WHITESNAKE and DEEP PURPLE vibes. Quite a path to cross, and a lot to bear, but do believe me ladies and gents, it was worth it, absolutely and a mind intriguing material, less riffs with a broadened focus on the songs. At times it is easy to handle, but its haze it just all over the place that it would grasp you in a blink of an eye.

What astounded me even more was the fact that I liked the band's softer, yet immensely harmonious songwriting other than their punchy Rock trackers. "Serenity", "Loves And Fighters" and "Chinese Lanterns" sounded magical, classy, softly touching with cool riffs, fairly oozed with romance, surely several of the top spiritual moments of the entire release. The former developed into a slick stadium Rocker with an amazing aura with a crispy aching solo storming from the behind, boy that is an awesome feel. "Be Lucky" is the true place where things start to get cracking, American inspired mid tempo Rocker with Phil Campbell showing off his vocal grit and gift. For a guy that always gets aroused by heavier riffing, this song has that addictive main riff, so sweet and sleek and one has to adore that chorus and crunchy solo demonstration. "Morning Riders" takes the kick high a notch, appearing at first gaze as if it was a NICKELBACK tune but slowly turns into a smacking Southern burner facing LYNRYD SKYNYRD. "Ain't No Telling" and "Know For Sure" will get you started with an ounce of Boogie followed by well written vintage Rock reclamation. THE TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT is nothing of the mainstream garbage can, returning me, hand in hand, to the old days, way before I was even thought about, was a swell ride, Rock with the Blues fusion in their version has never been tastier.

8 / 10


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"The Temperance Movement" Track-listing:

1. Only Friend
2. Ain't No Telling
3. Pride
4. Know For Sure
5. Chinese Lanterns
6. Midnight Black
7. Be Lucky
8. Morning Riders
9. Take It Back
10. Loves And Fighters
11. Serenity
12. Smouldering

The Temperance Movement Lineup:

Phil Campbell - Vocals
Paul Sayer - Guitar
Luke Potashnick - Guitar
Nick Fyffe - Bass
Damon Wilson - Drums

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