Blessings From A Blackened Sky

The Sorrow

What the fuck is this? Every single thing in this album confuses me! Everything seems […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
July 19, 2007
The Sorrow - Blessings From A Blackened Sky album cover

What the fuck is this? Every single thing in this album confuses me! Everything seems so... different! While looking at the band's members I just thought they need a haircut! I mean, I was wondering what do they have to do with Drakkar Records. Anyway, I think I will have to listen to the album at first and then make up my mind about these guys.

The band was formed during 2005's autumn, and from what I found out, they don't have any other releases. Blessings From A Blackened Sky is their debut album and Drakkar is the label to release it. Nothing else is worth mentioning from the biography stuff.

What would you say if you saw an album released through Drakkar, with four guys with stupid emo haircuts and a sword in the back of the album? I really didn't know what to expect! THE SORROW's music is this modern Death Metal meets melody, which is transcribed as Metalcore. They are heavily influenced by bands such as IN FLAMES, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and AT THE GATES. Even though I am really negative towards this style of music, this band has something that differs from the pile of mediocre shit out there. They've got this slightly apocalyptic and epic touch in the structure of every song, something that I haven't seen in any Metalcore band.
These guys definitely know how to kick ass! The production rules and was made by Mr. Toni Meloni, known for his works with CALIBAN and ESTATE. Regarding the music, most of you know that this genre is all about blasts, mid tempo heavy riffing and brutal vocals. Hell yeah, Blessings From A Blackened Sky contains every well-known Metalcore element and it also contains some really kick-ass brutal mosh parts, which will make your head bang for sure!

All in all, Blessings From A Blackened Sky is definitely a debut album that shows some first class brutal Metalcore. In my opinion, THE SORROW are one of the hottest newcomers and despite their bad haircuts, we have to accept it.

7 / 10


"Blessings From A Blackened Sky" Track-listing:

The Dagger Thrust
Death From A Lovers Hand
Knights Of Doom
(no name)
Numbers Of Failure
Far Beyond The Days Of Grace
From This Life
Her Ghost Never Fades
Darkest Red
Thirteen Years
Saviour, Welcome Home

The Sorrow Lineup:

Matze - Vocals, Guitar
Andi - Guitar
Tobi - Bass
Dominik - Drums

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