Dawn of the Deaf

The Short Fuses

Every so often, a band/album comes along that challenges my tastes.   When these albums come […]
By Justin "Witty City' Wittenmeier
June 24, 2019
The Short Fuses - Dawn of the Deaf album cover

Every so often, a band/album comes along that challenges my tastes.   When these albums come along, one of three things happen.  First, I totally hate it.  As a reviewer, I must be objective as possible and try to listen to something without preconceived notions.  Sometimes this is just simply impossible.  Sometimes an album is so bad that it just doesn't have any redeeming qualities or make me feel any emotions, outside of hate and contempt.  I've reviewed a few of these over the last three or four years.  They are few and far between, but it does happen.  The second thing is that I actually like what I'm hearing and despite the fact it isn't something I would normally jam, I enjoy it quite a bit.  Thirdly, and this is the must special of the three, it is something I don't hate and can recognize the talent.  The band or album isn't my usual cup of tea and neither will do anything to change that.  However, I can tell the band has immense talent, good song writings skills, and that I can see how other people can like it.

The Short Fuses' latest album, "Dawn of the Deaf," can be placed firmly into the third point.  This isn't something I normally enjoy and I can't say that after the review is done with that I will listen to it again any time soon, if at all.  Still, I see the importance and quality of the album. "Baby Got Bat Wings," is a strangely titled song but rocks pretty solid all the way through.  THE SHORT FUSES are one of those bands that seem to have popped up everywhere the past few years that have an old school Rock and Roll sound to them but wrapped up in modern sensibilities.  Basically, they remind me of a super energized version of THE BEATLES.  "..Bat Wings,"  opens with a simple but large riff and a power backed wail from vocalist/bassist Miss Georgia Peach.

She is a capable vocalist, but her voice is constantly being ran through either some kind of filter or echo and it gets old extremely quick.  I know a lot of these "new old school" bands have this feature but it really is used too much to be effective.  Along with RAMIN and STAGS, she delivers groove after groove for simple but highly energetic music. The third track, "Motorcycle Pill" has a punk rock feel to it, especially with the lead guitar and drums.  It actually reminds me of some of the early THE OFFSPRING records. At just over three minutes in length, it doesn't over stay its welcome and I consider it one of the album's best tracks.

"Galloping Ghost," is a rager of a track with a groove that rarely lets up and some ripping, pounding drums.  It is another short but sweet track, a concentrated blast of high octane rock and roll. What keeps me from enjoying the record more is the songs just don't have a lot of depth to them.  By the time they get going, they are over.  True, this is the style of the band on purpose and I shouldn't knock them for it but, like I mentioned earlier, I am trying to remain objective and, therefore, truthful in my feelings towards the music. Ultimately, if you like dirty modern Rock and Roll with that Old School twist you will eat this up. If you don't, this one won't change your mind.

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Dawn of the Deaf" Track-listing:

1. Baby Got Bat Wings
2. The Pink
3. Motorcycle Pill
4. Rockford Getaway
5. Galloping Ghost
6. Rock Yo Self (Until You Wreck Yo Self)
7. Furiosa
8. You Aint' Shit
9. No
10. Human Animal Bitch
11. Dawn of the Deaf
12. High School

The Short Fuses Lineup:

Miss Georgia Peach - Vocals, Bass
Travis Ramin - Lead Guitar, Drums
Justin Staggs - Rhythm Guitar

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