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Blind Date With Violence

The Scourger

What the fuck is going on with Finland? I belong to the ones that keep […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
November 11, 2006
The Scourger - Blind Date With Violence album cover

What the fuck is going on with Finland? I belong to the ones that keep saying that Thrash Metal is still alive and that a new era has began for Thrash Metal. The thing I didn't know is that two of the best new Thrash Metal bands would come from Finland, a country that is mostly famous for its Gothic or Power Metal bands. After my review on Deathchain's latest album, may I present you... The Scourger!!!
The Scourger were formed in 2003 by former Gandalf singer, Jari Hurskainen, and drummer Seppo Tarvainen. The same year, they released a demo CD, which included a cover version of At The Gates's Cold. In 2005, they released one EP and a single CD. After those samples, The Scourger released their debut CD, Blind Date With Violence, which was released earlier this year. If this is their debut album, I am fucking impatient to see their next effort. I admit that this CD blew me away!
Isn't it time for Thrash to stand up proud again? I think that this year there were many good Thrash releases and this CD is definitely included! Along with Slayer, Sadus (ok, they are a Death/Thrash band...), Sepultura and Deathchain, The Scourger are here to prove that Thrash will never die! Armed with a killer production and incredible songs, this band has nothing to be jealous of the famous Thrash titans. They have combined every single element that a Thrash band should have in 2006. They are classic and catchy at times, just like the good old Thrash back in the 80's. They have incredible melodic touches that reminded me a lot of The Haunted. They also have a drummer that beats the shit out of his drum set! Great guitar work that respects the Swedish/Finnish melodic sound, but still manages to sound catchy and Bay Area style at times. The two cover songs kick major ass and it is more than obvious that they are much more brutal than their original versions. I would also like to mention something about the live bonus tracks. First of all, I would like to say that these guys seem to be in full control of the stage. They really rule on stage. I would also like to congratulate them regarding their incredible sound at their live appearances. I was listening to the live tracks and I couldn't believe that this is their live sound! Anyway, that's not the point. The point is that this band will surely make something big the forthcoming years. Beware...
This version of Blind Date With Violence is the worldwide edition, which includes the bonus tracks and has different cover. You have to purchase this album no matter what! Thrashers, this band is fucking awesome. Grab this CD as fast as you can! And as they say: Once a hatehead, always a hatehead...

8 / 10


"Blind Date With Violence" Track-listing:

Decline Of Conformity/Grading: Deranged
Maximum Intensity
Enslaved To Faith
The Oath & The Lie
Chapter Thirteen
Pain Zone
Exodus Day
Feast Of The Carnivore
Ghosts Of War (Slayer Cover)*
Over The Wall (Testament Cover)*
The Greediness*
Black Worms*
Grading Deranged (Live)*
Maximum Intensity (Live)*
The Oath & The Lie (Live)*
*Bonus Tracks

The Scourger Lineup:

Jari Hurskainen - Vocals
Timo Stig Evil Nyberg - Guitar
Jani Luttinen - Guitar
Kimmo Kammonen - Bass
Seppo Lombardo Tarvainen - Drums

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