Rattle The Cage

The Rods

If you ever need a blueprint of how simple Heavy Metal can be ultimately effective, you need to look no further that THE RODS.
January 15, 2024

f you ever need a blueprint of how simple Heavy Metal can be ultimately effective, you need to look no further that THE RODS. For over 40 years (since 1979) they have been bombarding us with good music that is very straightforward in its approach and performance. Yes, I know that they disbanded in 1987, but they decided to come back in 2010. It has resulted in an album every four years, starting in 2011. And you know what, these guys from Cortland in New York, USA, are really pushing the boat again on “Rattle The Cage”, their tenth studio album to date.

Whatever you think of THE RODS, us dinosaurs of Heavy Metal will always keep them in high regard, as they were a kind of part of our soundtrack in the early eighties. And to be honest, their sound really hasn’t changed much over the years. Yes, you can hear that the voice of singer David “Rock” Feinstein has gotten a rougher edge, but that only makes him sound like an older version of himself.

The opener on “Rattle The Cage” is a bit different from the rest, which is due to the use a Hammond organ, giving “Now And Forever” a DEEP PURPLE feel, but it does fit like the proverbial glove. And of course they have recorded one of those slow pokes that will drag you in and have your feet tapping and maybe even your head banging. As it is seven and a half minutes long, it has a bit of an epic feel to. I am referring to the third song on the album, “Cry Out Loud”. I have to admit that this song mesmerises me.

And that is exactly the feel I do get from the whole “Rattle The Cage” album. It draws you in, works its magic on you and is very reluctant to let loose after the forty-seven minutes that THE RODS are working on you during this album. Okay, I also accept that the lovers of Extreme, Modern or Gothic Metal won’t be able to make heads nor tails of this, but the fans of Old School Heavy Metal will hopefully eat this up. THE RODS are proving once again that you can’t write off the older generation when it comes to bringing you good music. To my ears “Rattle The Cage” is full of excellent songs with the right vibe, and with enough variety in intensity to keep it interesting during the whole album. Result.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Rattle The Cage" Track-listing:


1. Now And Forever

2. Wolves At The Door

3. Cry Out Loud

4. Rattle The Cage

5. Can’t Slow Down

6. Metal Highways

7. Hell Or High Water

8. Play It Loud

9. Shockwave

10. Hearts Of Steel


The Rods Lineup:


David “Rock” Feinstein - Vocals, Guitars
Freddy Villano - Bass
Carl Canedy – Drums

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