Tales From Midgard

The Ring

Jakob Samuel, Pontus Norgren and Marcus Jidell are three of the most talented musicians in […]
By Alex Farmakis
June 3, 2004
The Ring - Tales From Midgard album cover

Jakob Samuel, Pontus Norgren and Marcus Jidell are three of the most talented musicians in Sweden. They decided to unite their powers, their talent and their inspirations and work together on a new project called The Ring. The reason for the creation of this project is the love of these guys for J. R. R. Tolkien 's work.
Yes, this project was created as a soundtrack for the Lord Of The Rings, not the movie, but the books. The Ring will make a trilogy based on the Lord Of The Rings and "Tales From Midgard is the first part of the trilogy.
At the musical part I think that The Ring has some influences from Dream Evil and Holy Mother and the first two songs, "In The Beginning and "Gathering Darkness, sound a bit like Heavens Gate.
"Tales From Midgard is a good Heavy Metal album and everyone will enjoy listening to it. The vocals are very good and all the songs are good compositions. The fact that the most of the songs are long in duration did not bore me and this is the strongest point of this album. You can listen to all these long songs without getting bored.
I do not have anything else to say about  "Tales From Midgard. It is a good album and all should listen to it at least once. I'll be expecting  the other two parts of the trilogy. Until then I will travel through Middle-Earth, under the sounds of "Tales From Midgard.

7 / 10


"Tales From Midgard" Track-listing:

In The Beginning
Gathering Darkness
Voices Of The Fallen Kings
Into The Wild
Unite Or Fall
Halls Of Doom
Signs By The Silver Stream
The Chase
Last Battle

The Ring Lineup:

Jakob Samuel - Vocals, Drums & Keyboard
Pontus Norgren - Guitars, Bass & Keyboard
Marcus Jidell - Guitars, Bass & Keyboard

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