The Sound Of Breaking Free

The Ragged Saints

When I was first exposed to THE RAGGED SAINTS it was through their album "Sonic […]
By Will Travers
March 15, 2022
The Ragged Saints - The Sound Of Breaking Free album cover

When I was first exposed to THE RAGGED SAINTS it was through their album "Sonic Playground Revisited" and quite early on in my tenure here at Metal Temple, I was absolutely in love with their music. The sound was heart warming and addictive and the composition was superb. So, when the opportunity came around to review their debut album's re release, I snapped it up as soon as I could! The artwork is pretty epic, if maybe a bit cliché for the Hard Rock genre, but that is half the fun!

Opening is "The Sound Of Breaking Free" and the record erupts to life instantly, energetic riffs running guitars in the back tracking and just a really feel good vibe to the music. Honestly it is infectious, and it has put a massive smile on my face! And that energy continues through "A Place Where I Belong" with its anthemesque styling, through "Don't Let Me Go" and into "I'll Never Give Up On Love". While some people might pigeonhole the music as almost like 'dad rock' its just really good music. It wouldn't have been amiss in the Stadium Rock heyday back in the 80's, I can honestly see THE RAGGED SAINTS name up in neon lights and thousands of fans singing along.

The Hard Rock masterclass continues with "While The World Is Burning", and it's interesting, given the current times and the somewhat macabre title, that this track is still just a feel good anthem. THE RAGGED SAINTS are just pumping out anthem after anthem and it is sublime. "Before Time Goes Away" is, you guessed it, once again another superb track that begs to be screamed at the top of your lungs on a long road trip. But also lets take a little bit of time to appreciate the break toward the end of the track. This bridging section and subsequent solo just shows that even at an early age of the band, there was some fantastic musical knowledge and maturity that has jut continued to grow. The final track "No More Crying In The Rain" wasn't on the original release and it is the same old THE RAGGED SAINTS sound that we have been hearing grow, but there is just a little bit more (for lack of a better term) bollocks behind it and it hits just a bit harder. Seriously, just listen to this after any of the other tracks and I reckon you will hear what I mean! And it shows the fantastic growth of the band over time.

Overall, well I think that it is very clear to see that I really enjoyed this album. As I said earlier, the knowledge and maturity at such an early stage is superb, if you then consider how hard the record hits compared to others at a similar age, well how can you not love it?

10 / 10









"The Sound Of Breaking Free" Track-listing:

1. The Sound Of Breaking Free
2. A Place We Belong
3. Don't Let Me Go
4. I'll Never Give Up On Love
5. Love Won't Fade Away
6. We Are The Same
7. While The World Is Burning
8. New Beginnings
9. Never Walk Away
10. Before Time Goes By
11. The End
12. No More Crying In The Rain [Bonus Track]

The Ragged Saints Lineup:

Markku Kuikka - Vocals
Tomi Julkunen - Guitar
Toni Bite - Guitar
Jukka Hoffren - Bass
Miikki Kunttu - Drums

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