Buffalo Mountain

The Pony Hellride Experience

This is the second official release from the band from Kiel, Germany. They released ''Holy […]
By Johnny Jackal
January 6, 2016
The Pony Hellride Experience - Buffalo Mountain album cover

This is the second official release from the band from Kiel, Germany. They released ''Holy Water'' in 2013 and an earlier demo called ''This Camp is Doomed'' in 2010.

Stoner/Groove Metal has been around pretty much since the early 70's and there isn't much evolution in this style. Let's just say that most bands in the genre will add their own twist to it but the basis of all music is the same. It's not necessarily a bad thing and a lot of bands bring much more to the table than some of the older bands that have been quite stagnant throughout the years.

Other than being a very weird name for a band, THE PONY HELLRIDE EXPERIENCE have had a cult following ever since their first demo was out in 2010. To be perfectly honest, I don't know of any other Stoner/Groove Metal band from Germany. They are starting to get noticed and have been part of some festivals throughout Europe.

The first song of the EP is ''Buffalo Mountain'' and it sounds a lot like classic PANTERA; it could have come out on any of their three first albums. Its groove metal at it's best and I think it's the best song off of the EP. It definitely is heart pumping and it'll rock your socks off during this wintertime! The vocals may be the weakness here and on each song afterwards. There are some effects in his voice and it's quite raspy. You can't really hear the vocals that well, but most of the time in Stoner/Groove Metal, it's not really that important. I feel the guys put a wee bit too much effects on the voice of Oli and it's a deterrent to the album.
On the first song, he tries to sing like a mix between Mike Dean from CORROSION OF CONFORMITY and Zakk Wylde from BLACK LABEL SOCIETY. The voice is off a bit but still fits quite well with the genre.

The second song of the EP is ''Lost''. I really love the groove intro and we actually have two singers on this song. Joining Oli is Lasse K. from TESTOS'TE'ROLL (gotta love that name), a singer from another Kiel Germany band! I highly enjoyed his gruff vocals and thought he mixed well with Oli's raspy and uneven voice. The middle of the song is homage to BLACK SABBATH and sounds very doomish and it really slows to a crawl. I enjoyed the nod to the Godfathers of Doom Metal!

The third song is ''Medication''. This sounds a lot like some early BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and even the solo stuff from Zakk Wylde. This is more a Rock and Roll song than anything else. It reminded me a lot of MOTORHEAD, just straight up Rock and Roll and with a catchy chorus. This is balls to the walls rock and roll and it has an absolute killer hook.

The fourth song is ''Mr. Alvares''. This might be the weakest of the songs off this EP. They put a lot of effects in the voice of the singer and I think they wanted to sound like ELECTRIC WIZARD a bit. The vocals are unintelligible and they steal away the spotlight on some heavy guitar work from Daniel, who does an awesome job on this one. The lyrics of the songs are quite repetitive from the little I could hear on it unfortunately.

The last song is ''The Allseeing Eye''. A great way to finish off the EP and there is a lot more Guitar Solos on this one compared to the previous songs. This song reminded me a lot of the album ''Down III: Over the Under'' by the aforementioned DOWN. It's pure Southern Metal and you can tell the guys really like that style of music from good old Phil Anselmo! I also detected some influences from early LIFE OF AGONY (way before Keith became Mina). This song could be compared to a lot of the great songs off of ''The River Runs Red'' back in 1993.

If you like PANTERA, newer CORROSION OF CONFORMITY and early LIFE OF AGONY, this is highly recommended. The vocals may be the weakest link like I said earlier on but its still some great music and quite enjoyable.

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"Buffalo Mountain" Track-listing:

1. Buffalo Mountain
2. Lost
3. Medication
4. Mr. Alvares
5. The Allseing Eye

The Pony Hellride Experience Lineup:

Oli - Vocals
Fabi - Bass
Daniel - Guitar
Alex - Drums

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