The End Of Times

The Oath

Probably THE OATH is an unknown name to you so there is a need for […]
By Yiannis Doukas
September 23, 2007
The Oath - The End Of Times album cover

Probably THE OATH is an unknown name to you so there is a need for an introduction. The start was set back in 1999, Lyon, France. One year later the first self-titled demo was born with the following coming of another one two years after, named Presages Et Tenebres (2002). During spring of 2006 they entered the studio for the recording of their debut album and the result is The End Of Times.
THE OATH are close to black metal full of keys. When I am saying full I mean ultra-full. Everywhere, anywhere in any time, in any moment I'm hearing keys. Yes, I know, this is not always bad, I mean their existence, but in this situation sometimes it's really annoying. In Empty Shell we have one song with guitars ,vocals and the other stuff and another one with keys. They don't fit together. I understand their purpose making their sound more dark, or more nightmarish, but the effect is negative. Amen is like CRADLE OF FILTH. Sometimes are close to DIMMU BORGIR or - even worst - some riffs are like DARK TRANQUILLITY. Nice times, brutal/aggressive riffs are complete traumatized with the embodiment of the previous references. Misanthropic's start is good but but but... I cannot say that I can easily listen to this record from its beginning till its end.
Anyway, what else? Oh yes. Sometimes the background sound of the keyboards is similar to ROTTING CHRIST's atmosphere in Genesis. The result is not worth the try.
I know, many of you are into CRADLE OF FILTH, DIMMU BORGIR or DARK TRANQUILLITY. This effort may will give you enough pleasure. Listen to Holy Terror and the three last tracks, at least.

5 / 10


"The End Of Times" Track-listing:

The End Of Times (Intro)
Broken Hope
Empty Shell
The Circle
For You
Holy Terror
Fading Into Darkness
The Awakening
Without Control
The Oath

The Oath Lineup:

Destroyer - Vocals, Guitars
Madrignac - Guitar
Carcharoth - Bass
Tyrael - Drums
Peter Pal - Keyboards

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