A Monsters Life

The New Black

THE NEW BLACK is a Rock band based out of Bavaria. Formed in 2008, the […]
The New Black - A Monsters Life album cover

THE NEW BLACK is a Rock band based out of Bavaria. Formed in 2008, the band had released three previous full-length albums. "A Monsters Life" is their fourth, and contains ten new tracks. "Long Time Coming" is the opening track on the album. The riff is hard and heavy and the mid-range vocals have a full and thick sound. Some electronica can be heard in the background, adding another layer to the sound. The chorus could be something from MERCENARY, minus the vocals fry. "Blockbuster Life" is a bit quicker in pace and has some more build-up from the opening guitar melody. A strong energy pushes the track along and the shouted back-up vocals definitely make the song sound fun. "Send in the Clowns" is not a re-make of the original older song many are familiar with, but remains a softer, more emotional song with acoustic passages in the verses, allowing the vocals to shine. I have to add that the vocals are very well done to this point as well.

"Dead in the Water" has a peppy beat and heel-tapping rhythm to go along with the hard, edgy guitars that go just deep enough to keep it under the Hard Rock/Metal type umbrella. It might be the overseas equivalent of American band FOO FIGHTERS. "Buddha Belly" is an interesting title for a song. I hear a stronger blues type sound in this mid-tempo track, which has some old-school 70's type feeling to it at times, but modernized with their own stamp. "A Pill Named Ting" has a low bottom end from drop-tuned guitars, but harmonies in the vocals keep it bright and fresh. "That's Your Poison, Not Mine" closes the album. It's a mid-temp song with a raucous, soulful chorus and a message of keeping your negative agenda away. Judging by the song titles and energetic sound, this would be a fun band to see live. In fact the music seems like it would translate easily to a live show and even if you were not familiar with the band, I am confident you would like them after that. This isn't re-invention of the wheel, but the album is just fun and easy to listen to.<

7 / 10









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"A Monsters Life" Track-listing:

1. Long Time Coming
2. Blockbuster Life
3. With a Grin
4. Send in the Clowns
5. Dead in the Water
6. Buddha Body
7. The Beer of no Return
8. A Pill Named Ting
9. Better
10. That's Your Poison, Not Mine

The New Black Lineup:

Fludid - Vocals
Christof Leim - Guitars
Fabian Schwarz - Guitars
Gunt Auschrat - Bass
Chris Weib - Drums

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