The Moonband

This is THE MOONBAND's 3rd album already; this German based band creates unique Folk-indie, with […]
By Dorin Mandelbaum
April 14, 2014
The Moonband - Atlantis album cover

This is THE MOONBAND's 3rd album already; this German based band creates unique Folk-indie, with their own personal tone. Their music style should be called "journey music" in my opinion; it's very reflective and is exactly the kind of soundtrack for thoughts drifting far away when you're on a long ride somewhere far. At times they are also energetic and can be used as a mood lifter, so there is a nice balance and an actual journey your thoughts can go through by following this album from beginning to end. They named it "Atlantis" and the band claims that they found the real mythical mysterious continent, this album is a peek into what the band believe Atlantis is actually like, a place far simpler than what most people acclaim it to be, but still magical nonetheless.

The album starts with a completely vocal piece that is mesmerizing and captivating, resembling a gospel choir called:  "No Bargain". The album continues with "Set the Fire" that shows a more accurate sound of what the MOONBAND actually sounds like, the use of small folklore guitars like mandolin and small banjos give the band it's unique timbre that feels a bit like what a hobbit party would sound like in the real world on the year 2014. The more acoustic songs on the album are like modern bard stories, influences of BOB DYLAN and maybe even TRAVIS are noticed in their sound and structure, many of their songs have an Americana vibe, especially noticeable at "10000 Voices" with the snare drumming imitating the choo choo train sound of the old America. Some of the songs on this album are "feel good" songs, and I could totally imagine myself playing those as background music for when doing any active or creative kind of work for lifting up the spirit and igniting the imagination.

The raw talent of the MOONBAND members flows all over the album, there is beauty in the simplicity of their music. They seem to play this way because that's the only way it can be. It all feels natural and it bubbles up from their hands and voices. That kind of honesty in music is admirable in times when music all around feels very fake.

I recommend this album for all of you who enjoy raw beauty, simplicity, Folk and / or acoustic style. "Atlantis" will surely brighten up any gloomy mood and make you want to dance in the forest glade like a kid who saw snow for the first time.

8 / 10


"Atlantis" Track-listing:

1. No Bargain
2. Sat the Fire
3. Ivy in Your Garden
4. Fog Horn
5. Joe Stack
6. Martha Says
7. Oh Brother
8. Coral Strand Lane
9. Heaven and Hell
10. Sparrow's Wings
11. 10000 voices
12. Atlantis - The Ballad of Profit

The Moonband Lineup:

Eugen Mondbasis - Vocals, Guitar , Irish Bouzouki
Chris Houston - Vocals, Guitars, Piano
Katerina Kirková - Vocals, Mandolin, Banjo, Glockenspiel
Andy Armstrong - Upright Bass
Elena Rakete - Drums, Percussion

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