Rocket Attack

The Man From The Moon

This CD gave me a hard time in the beginning. Continuing the mystique series of […]
By Grigoris Chronis
May 14, 2008
The Man From The Moon - Rocket Attack album cover

This CD gave me a hard time in the beginning. Continuing the mystique series of many Black Mark releases, it was not easy enough to even find some basic info regarding this one-man band(?). Still, listening to the specific album for a couple of times I began creating a basic concept/idea regarding Rocket Attack and - even if not being what I'd expect from an album released by this particular label - this C turned out to be a rather interesting company.
To avoid any misunderstanding, the album is not any 'Metal' at all. The cover artwork semi-reveals this fact. Psychedelic enough, with a touch of 'art' Rock, it's dominated by shades of blue, while a fuzzy picture in the middle stands sober (guess it's Micke Moberg, the man behind this project), giving little data for what's lurking 'in'. The digipack case is rather attractive, but - again - does not reveal much to the listener in prior. Inserting the CD and pushing 'play', the first think I did notice is that there's no rush in this album; not that there are not any fast songs or stuff like this, but the rhythm section performance and the overall production gives you the impression that you should chill out with this release.
The low-tuned guitars enrich this aspect, creating an overall amalgam of some 'mature' THE CULT, some volume-less DANZIG, a non-sleaze glimpse of HANOI ROCKS, even... I dunno...I get the 'message' that this album is made by someone who's been for years into the Rock/Hard Rock/Sleazy Rock circuit, now stepping back to create a more philosophic, easy listening Rock album. Even if the drums parts are computer-generated, truth is there's some wide melody allover (featuring some good multi-vocal themes) that will eventually persuade you to sit back, relax and show some interest in this album.
The next couple of spins brings on the 80s MEAT LOAF semi-symphonic atmosphere in some tracks, while some excerpts did drive my mind to a couple of 'chill out' GUNS 'N' ROSES takes. Phewww, this is a multi-dimensional album, that can find 'ground' in the hands of e.g. even a BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN aficionado or a THE MISSION or NEW ORDER follower. And that's Rocket Attack's strong point, I finally summarize. Overlapping the 'genre' procedure, this CD is good album if you want to listen to something 'generally Rock', in the sense there's tons of different things you may notice in these simple yet motivating compositions. Not to forget, the warm voice of Moberg will be your guide throughout the whole audition; any audition. He's fine, he's simply fine.

7 / 10


"Rocket Attack" Track-listing:

Rocket Attack
Warm Blooded Woman
Eagle Free
President Of Madness
In Love And Memory
The Walker
I Am Your God
Ice Man
Dance Mamma
Time Gives A Moment
My Home town

The Man From The Moon Lineup:

The Man From The Moon - Vocals, All Instruments

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