My Dear Emptiness

The Lust

After examining every single clue on the album, I thought I would have to do […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
January 10, 2006
The Lust - My Dear Emptiness album cover

After examining every single clue on the album, I thought I would have to do with one more melodic piece of crap. It seems that I was 50% right, but 50% wrong too. Thank God it's not yet another melodic Death Metal album with a woman that thinks she's a fairy and a man that thinks he's the master of hell. It has become more than boring...
The Lust come from Russia. Members from different projects joined forces in the winter of 2003. After changing their name from Lust Embrace to Lust, they recorded the material for their debut album Tangled (2004). In February 2004, they signed a contract with Russian label Fono Records and some weeks later they released Tangled. That same year, The Lust signed a new contract, this time with the Greek Sleaszy Rider Records. Their second album was recorded and finally released by their new label. Something last I would like to mention is that the singer was 16 years old during the recordings of My Dear Emptiness!!!
Ok, I'm tired of watching bands counting on female singers to achieve something. The singer is a little girl. So what??? I don't give a fuck even if she makes out while signing live! Why don't they count on their musical abilities, which by the way are very nice? Phew, I feel better now. Let's get on with the review. The Lust is a band that seems to know the word diversity very well. Their music is a mixture of Power Metal, Gothic and a few touches of Death Metal. If they had some brutal vocals they would be what I mentioned above. Anyway, Mirla's vocals reminded me a lot of Lacuna Coil and a bit of Theatre Of Tragedy. In fact, The Lust remind me a lot of Theatre Of Tragedy. I listened to the album several times. The first times it was a nice album but after two or three more times I got tired. It's not the music I prefer to listen to but believe me, it's nothing exceptional.
I wouldn't spend my money on this one. It's surely a good effort by this band but I'd rather wait to listen to what they are going to release in the future. Only for fans of the genre. Until then...

6 / 10

Had Potential

"My Dear Emptiness" Track-listing:

The Seal (Intro)
Days In Black
My Dear Emptiness
For A While
A Tribute To The Future (Outro)

The Lust Lineup:

Mirla - Vocals
Yan - Guitars & Vocals
Andy - Bass
Max - Keyboards
Marty - Drums

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