The Lust

THE LUST is a Gothic Metal band from Russia formed in 2002. Prior to celebrating […]
By Kevin Lewis
January 18, 2022
The Lust - Karmalove album cover

THE LUST is a Gothic Metal band from Russia formed in 2002. Prior to celebrating their 20th anniversary, they released their seventh full-length album, "Karmalove," on October 1, 2021, via Sleaszy Rider Records. Fusing in melodic and symphonic elements to blend with their Gothic Metal, they have some heavy synth embedded in the music, giving a really expansive and inviting sound.

The record opens with the haunting intro to "Run," full of ambient tones from guitars and keys. The bass in there is beautiful. The piano joins nicely and then the rest kicks off. That intro is really solid. The vocals are awesome, too. The clean female with the deep, clean male hovering underneath are an excellent combination.

The title track opens with a with a really good guitar riff. This riff is beautifully supported by the drums. The vocals are plaintive and a bit haunted. I hear the longing and feel the sorrow. Ana Dust is new to the band, but already fits in very well. Again, the deeper vocals under hers are subdued and almost not there. At times whispered, they really add a lot of texture to the vocal track. The chorus, solo and bridge all meld well, giving the song a nice, cohesive sound.

"I'm Your Religion" is a keyboard heavy song. Moving closer to the symphonic end of their range, this one is easy to get hooked on. The guitars are still dark and heavy, but the keys give the song a bit of a lift in tone. The dark gothic contrast of the guitars with the hauntingly ethereal keyboards makes this an early favorite on the album. The whispered vocals almost fall into the song. They fit effortlessly. This is the song that really impresses me for its' power and beauty.

For a bit of lighter music, "Our Farewell" and "Cold Hands" both have a lighter tone, even through the heavier sections. Both have gentle, melodic intros that lull the listener into a semi-trance before kicking in with a satisfying guitar strum that takes the songs up a notch. Both are well-executed, well written songs. Seven albums into their repertoire, you can tell this a band that knows how to craft a song, not just play a bunch of time with each other.

Ending this record is a bonus track, "In Love with A Ghost." After a quick guitar/piano intro, the song turns into a heavy, riff driven rocker. Ana's vocals are modulated and even, getting a little intense when necessary. She handles the lyrics with skill and tenderness. The keyboards lay low for much of this song, sounding more like support to the rhythm than a lead instrument, until the piano comes along and takes a bit of a lead. That blending of keys and piano with the guitar is one of the best pieces of writing on an overall well written album.

THE LUST is a technically proficient band that is very adept at creating good music. This is a really good record and needs to be heard. If you like bands such as LACUNA COIL and DARK SARAH, this is a band you will probably enjoy immensely. They are definitely one that I will come back to on a regular basis.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Karmalove" Track-listing:

1. Run
2. Faster
3. Karmalove
4. I'm Your New Religion
5. What A Disorder
6. Our Farewell
7. Cold Hands
9. Nevermind
10. Nail in My Wound
11. In Love with A Ghost (Bonus Track)

The Lust Lineup:

Anna Dust - Vocals
Yan Fedyaev - Guitars/Bass/Vocals
Fabian Fagerberg - Drums
Theodor Borovski - Keyboards
Lorelei Ether - Keyboards
Max Delmar - Keyboards

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