Chicken Cage of Horror

The Lidocaine

Recently, the previous promos I have received have been from Finnish bands and the two […]
By MarcusTheRocker
May 17, 2015
The Lidocaine - Chicken Cage of Horror album cover

Recently, the previous promos I have received have been from Finnish bands and the two that I have heard in the previous batch I received were both excellent. APOCALYPTICA and VELVET SIX were the two bands I reviewed and both of their new albums were very good so will the Finnish band featured in todays review also be excellent to make it a holy trio of excellent Finnish music in a row? Let us find out.

THE LIDOCAINE are the subject of today's offering and their third CD "Chicken Cage of Horror" will be the main focus of this review. Formed in Helsinki in Finland, this quarter of Finnish rockers so far have three albums under their belt with their debut being released in 2009, the second one in 2013 and their third in 2015.

Clocking in at around 60 minutes across 10 songs, "Chicken Cage of Horror" is the band's third offering to the music world and the first impression it leaves me with is, what are my ears listening to? There is a lot about this album which confuses me. For starters, the album title itself is weird as is the album cover. If those two things makes you suspicious about what the music is like then hold on to those suspicious as the music on this release is equally strange.

It's hard really to explain why the music on this album is strange but you'd have to listen to really understand why. The formula for this band seems to be a mixture of Rock and Progressive Metal which I guess in a way does give it a bit of theatrics with the weird music as it does make you laugh because your ears do struggle sometimes to make out just what it is they are being put through.

I don't mind the occasional bit of insanity in my music as sometimes I laugh at how energetic I feel especially after air guitarring/headbanging to a particular song that I like that is good but if the music is a bit rubbish then I laugh at how bad it is which seems to be the case here.

I will give it some credit and say that not every tune is bad as there are some which are mildly enjoyable as they don't sound as weird or as strange as some but for some reason, the odd blend between the music and the vocals leaves me feeling a bit perplexed as the production is a bit mixed depending on the song and the same is said for both the music and the vocals as there are some tracks where the two really don't work all that well together and some where they do sort of work together but not in the vain that you would otherwise want or expect.

Another issue I have is the track lengths as some of them are very long and for anyone who had read my previous reviews, you will know why lengthy songs do concern me as it's not so bad if the music is good but if it's dull, boring, weird or too confusing then it's not so enjoyable and that seems to be the case here with it leaning more towards the latter or being a mixture of dull, boring, weird or too confusing.

Bottom line, "Chicken Cage of Horror" is a very strange album as there is a lot on it which will confuse the listener and make them wonder what it is they are listening to. I was hoping that this would make the third good release I have heard from Finland in recent weeks but personally, I didn't really enjoy this album that much but don't let what I say put you off as you may take a liking to it's weirdness but I for one certainly do not.

4 / 10

Nothing special

"Chicken Cage of Horror" Track-listing:

1. Chicken Cage of Horror
2. Empty Space (Devil's Blog)
3. The End Of The Beginning Or The Beginning Of...
4. Too Late to Escape
5. Fabrication
6. Onion of Chastity
7. Zest for Life
8. Retrobution
9. Throat of a Monster
10. Voyage of Discovery

The Lidocaine Lineup:

Anthony Rausku - Vocals, Guitar
Eroz - Vocals, Guitar
Tatu Hiltunen - Bass
Jari Vanhanen - Drums
Lucie Niemelä - Vocals on "Too Late to Escape"

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