The Last Warning

You know, at this point I wonder if the patch of ground where the dead […]
By Eric "Carnegie" Hall
July 11, 2013
The Last Warning - Progression album cover

You know, at this point I wonder if the patch of ground where the dead horse used to be can be beaten any further before the shovel finally snaps in two. Another release to review, and while I generally liked it, there's more of that "over-vocalized" issue rearing its fugly mug once again.

It seems like vocals are no longer used to spit the lyrics out, now they have to be produced with as many effects as possible and use as many dynamic qualities as can be named. Hey, I don't want the vocals to be a stagnant growl or shout, I do like them to have a more fluid structure and dynamic flow, but not to the point of absurdity. The thing in metal today is high-pitched growls mixed with low-pitched growls mixed with reverb, echo, and anything that the soundboard can do. It's absurd.

I want the music to take centre stage, not your shouting. Honestly, you can shout about whatever the fuck you want, because the majority of it is just an undefinable blur of growling. Instead of shouting over everything, give me a guitar or bass solo or anything without more shouting over everything. Because when THE LAST WARNING isn't yelling at you, there is some great lead work to be found. Some of the riffing is kind of stale in the structure, but I guess only so many bands can make the same low e riff sound fresh and new. Well, it may not be a low e, because down-tuning is also the name of game in these days.

So it's good, but I don't really have much else to say beyond what has already been said. This album is a concrete, resounding "meh". 

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Progression" Track-listing:

1. The Beast
2. Devil Inside
3. Progression
4. The New Sign
5. Pain and Hate
6. Awake the Red Lion
7. Run
8. Down to the Ground
9. Haunted
10. Now I Bleed
11. Fake Blood
12. Say Goodnight

The Last Warning Lineup:

Stefan Lanz - Guitar
Ronald Sattler - Guitar/Vocals
Stefan Reiter - Bass
Markus Zuber - Drums
Hanz Jurgen Moitzi - Vocals

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