Cauldron Of Witchery EP

The Lamp Of Thoth

After all the atmospheric-gothic style-industrial albums that I had to write about, I was lucky […]
By Harry Papadopoulos
June 5, 2008
The Lamp Of Thoth - Cauldron Of Witchery EP album cover

After all the atmospheric-gothic style-industrial albums that I had to write about, I was lucky enough to listen to this EP. THE LAMP OF THOTH took me many years back with their occult Doom Metal and the production of that release.

The band is only two years old and was named after an infamous esoteric coven who operated out of Keighley back in the Victorian age. During those years they performed live in regular gigs and many festivals with bands like PAGAN ALTAR, WARNING and CANDLEMASS. Their demo I Love The Lamp in 1996, made Miscatonic Records to approach them and - via this label - their first 10 EP, Cauldron Of Witchery, was out in 2007.

Typically the CD I have in my hands is the same EP with two live bonus tracks. The band is playing Doom and as influences we can refer to bands like the ones mentioned in the previous paragraph, SAINT VITUS and REVEREND BIZARRE. Slow tempo compositions with riffs that smell BLACK SABBATH from miles. Those two  lads and the lady have treated the doom legacy that those holy monsters left behind, with devotion and dignity. At the same time as I write those lines, as far as I know (and I hope I'm not wrong), they are recording their first full-length album Omens, Portents And Dooms. Hope it won't take them long!

As the band says in their small bio: ...We want to doom the doomiest doom that doom can doom!. They do exactly what they are saying! Fans of doom Metal, make yourself a favor and buy this EP. You won't regret it. The gates are open. Let's follow them in this one way trip.

7 / 10


"Cauldron Of Witchery EP" Track-listing:

The Lamp Of Thoth
Frost & Fire
Blood Of Satan's Claw (live)
Into The Lair Of The Gordon (live)

The Lamp Of Thoth Lineup:

Randy Reaper - Guitars
Lady Pentagram - Drums
The Overtly Melancholic Lord strange - Bass, Vocals

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