When The Shadows Rise

The Kryptik

THE KRYPTIK is a Brazilian Black Metal band founded in the state of Rio de […]
By Caio Botrel
October 15, 2019
The Kryptik - When The Shadows Rise album cover

THE KRYPTIK is a Brazilian Black Metal band founded in the state of Rio de Janeiro and it's impressive how they could create a dark, cold and depressive sound under the heat of the sunny beaches of Rio. The band started they career as CRYPTIC LORN and then changed to its current name in 2013. The band will release their newest album "When The Shadows Rise" on October 31st and that's what we are going to talk about.

The first song of the album is titled "The Awakening Of Evil" and they couldn't have chosen a better song and name, as it shows what's about to come and creates the perfect ambiance for their music. The song starts with an organ that reminds me of vampire movies and stories, it also has some vocal choirs that combined perfectly with the instrumental and the tense grows in the background as well. "Damned" is the next song and you will probably feel like you are indeed. It starts with some fast drumming followed by the traditional Black Metal aggressive guitar riffs and some orchestrations in the background. The vocals were really good and fits perfectly the instrumental parts, but the highlight goes to the guitar solo and the acoustic part right after the shredding. It helped creating a different mood inside the chaotic ambiance, but it's all an illusion... as it hits you again with the aggressiveness that this song has.

The next song is "Flames Of Revenge" and it starts in a very epic, dark and cold way. It has some great orchestrations work completed by the fast drumming and guitar riffs. This song has some different vocals as they added some clean bass vocals on it. It's a really good song and I liked how they can switch from pure aggressiveness to calmer parts that will make you feel like going to the woods and walk a little bit among the trees. The song "When The Shadows Rise" is the one that gives its name to the album and it starts with one of the best guitar riffs of the whole work here. It's a very nice song and even though it's similar to the previous ones, it has a different vibe and a cool guitar solo that matched the idea of the song and the dark ambiance as well. This song even has some riffs that reminded me of IRON MAIDEN, which was really cool.

"Fall" is an instrumental song that starts out with clean guitar sound and deep vocal choirs in the background. This song is a little bit progressive as it grows slowly creating the perfect suspense, tense and dark atmosphere. "The Last Breath Of Sadness" is a song that starts out with a different kind of riff for the common Black Metal style. I won't lie that it kind of reminded me of some American bands such as GREEN DAY kind of riffs. It's one of my favorite songs on the whole album, as it shows different guitar riffs and drumming that are followed by the raw Black Metal vocals and dark orchestration sound. The last song on the album is called "Ungodly" and it starts with chaotic guitar riffs, keys and drums. It really feels like the skies are falling down and that fire is taking over the land. It's an epic song as the others, but I think that this one has a lot of hate on it.

THE KRYPTIK managed to create an album that has a variety of songs, even though they follow the same formula on all of them. It's a great album to listen to and I'm not even a Black Metal fan, but I loved it. The instrumental was really well executed and written and this band has a lot more to show to the world, as they are creating their chaotic symphony.

10 / 10









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"When The Shadows Rise" Track-listing:

1. The Awakening Of Evil
2. Damned
3. Flames Of Revenge
4. When The Shadows Rise
5. Fall
6. The Last Breath Of Sadness
7. Ungodly

The Kryptik Lineup:

DX Sinner - Vocals and Guitar
FX Tormentor - Drums

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