Via Chicago comes THE HŸSS in all their Stoner/fuzz laden glory. While the basic premise […]
By Dave Nowels
June 18, 2019
The HŸSS - Hound album cover

Via Chicago comes THE HŸSS in all their Stoner/fuzz laden glory. While the basic premise of the band lies in Stoner/Doom genres, there's quite a bit of other influences that make themselves apparent enough to really consider these guys different, and even somewhat eclectic. Other than the obvious riff worship, there's suggestions of Grunge, Classic Metal, and a healthy dose of Punk. "Hound" is the band's second release, a five track powder keg that follows 2017's demo, "For God Snakes".

This is full on "fuck you " in your face aggressiveness, and I dig it. I just wish there was more of it. "Ranger Grave" starts off with a literal "boom" and really sets the tone as far as attitude. There's a surprising amount of melodic guitar happening, which is pretty refreshing in a genre of tuned down droning. Rumbling bass highlights the beginning of "Eaten By Dogs", and remains a steady constant anchor throughout. Again, the subtle usage of melody countering full on distortion fuzz is pretty different and smart.

"Off With Their Heads" is pretty much the most aggressive of these five tracks thanks to it's distinct Hardcore Punk feel. Of all the tracks here, this is the most worthy of instigating a pit of memorable qualities. I'd love to see this one live. The shortest track is up next with "Gold Tooth Ding" clocking in at only just under two minutes, but they still manage to crush here. Another good pit type of song. This all too short of a journey closes with "Ghost Army", which might just be my favorite track. It manages to collectively represent all that's come before and really sinks it's teeth in in the final minute.

Even with only the five tracks, THE HŸSS was pretty impressive. In fact, that's my only real complaint. I wanted more. Just as you fall into a great groove with "Hound", it's at it's conclusion. As they say, keep 'em wanting more, I guess. Hopefully the band returns to the studio soon and drops some more heaviness on us listeners before too long.

8 / 10









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"Hound" Track-listing:

1. Ranger Grave
2. Eaten By Dogs
3. Off With Their Heads
4. Gold Tooth Ding
5. Ghost Army

The HŸSS Lineup:

Dave Fitzgerald - Guitars,Vocals
Pat Kennedy - Guitars,Mandolin, Vocals
Matt McDonald - Vocals
Mike Scales - Drums
Bill Sullivan - Bass

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