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From their EPK, "Disguised as Progressive Metal, THE HIRSCH EFFEKT are again twisting their habits […]
September 1, 2023
The Hirsch Effekt - Urian album cover

From their EPK, "Disguised as Progressive Metal, THE HIRSCH EFFEKT are again twisting their habits on their sixth full-length album "Urian." The new album dives musically deep into the increasingly obtrusive ambivalence between crises and everyday life. "Urian" is the name of the uninvited guest, whose encounter is usually quite undesirable. It captivates you with its sound for almost an hour and cleverly points out all the crooked muck with an insidious hug." The album has eight songs.

"Agora" is first. It's a soft acoustical number with some sad tones, and some hopeful ones, and the cello notes contribute to the former. "Otis" has a heavier structure, including thudding bass notes. The sonority builds here at times with thick accents, and yet it stays smooth and other times. They have struck a nice balance between the two. You get the distinct feeling that the band could let loose at any time, but they keep themselves in check, for the most part. There are some very nice displays of musicianship. "2054" has a much more aggressive feeling to it. Dissonant notes roar out of the gates with harsh vocals and some manipulative expert meter shifts. That acoustical interlude near the half way mark only contributes to the mystery of their sound so far. The harsh sound soon returns

"Urian" is a strong combination of aggressive elements with some melodic ones. At their heaviest, they can be as dangerous as any band out there, but in their tender and at times odd moments, they let a melody ride that is shrouded in darkness. "Stegodon" has some very melodic elements to it. For me, it sounds like they band took a time machine back to the 1980's and grabbed some of the magic at the time to bring back to modern day. I love the pure emotion of this song, and what a gorgeous ending. "Granica" is another very pretty song. The sad tones stab at your heart like a sharpened dagger, and the melodies speak to your soul. The band shows the full extent of their prowess in this song.

"Blud" is an outburst of anger, but there are plenty of other elements woven in between. In keeping with the theme of the album, there are peaceful times with an uninvited guest, but there are also chaotic times. "Erisyts" closes the album. It's a slow, tender, and introspective offering. The guest has finally left, and things return to normal. Overall, this album was impressive from both the band's high level of musicianship, as well as songwriting. It will take you on a ride through many different emotions...anger, comfort, hate, and even joy. It is intricate and complex, but also accessible and very enjoyable. Progressive fans will delight in this album.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Urian" Track-listing:

1. Agora
2. Otis
3. 2054
4. Urian
5. Stegodon
6. Granica
7. Blud
8. Eristys

The Hirsch Effekt Lineup:

Nils Wittrock - Vocals, Guitars
Ilja John Lappin - Bass, Vocals
Moritz "Mr. Moe" Schmidt - Drums

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