All Hail The Order

The Herectic Order

First it was HELL PUPPETS and now we have THE HERECTIC ORDER who has released […]
By Lotty Whittingham
October 26, 2015
The Herectic Order - All Hail The Order album cover

First it was HELL PUPPETS and now we have THE HERECTIC ORDER who has released an album in time for that dark time which is better known as Halloween. This evil Hard Rock group hail from London town, the city well known for its urban legends designed to scare those at this time of year;  Sweeney Todd and most famously Jack The Ripper. They unleashed their fatal album "All Hail The Order" onto the unsuspecting public a month ago and it is the ideal release for Halloween.

THE HERECTIC ORDER submerged from the innermost darkest depths of London town; they spawned into the world in the year 2014. Their fateful tale began in 2013 when BREED 77 guitarist Danny Fellice, a.k.a. Lord Ragnar Wagner, started to compose Classic Heavy Metal songs inspired by Classic 70's and 80's Metal. He incorporated a vision that involved stage theatrics combined with bold riffs and finger bleeding solos; they bring a unique presence to the metal community.

Their debut album provides us with a solid collection of dominant melodies that will haunt their listeners and fans for an eternity. The moment this evil presence is in the air you get to hear what GHOST's and BLACK SABBATH's hypothetical evil spawn would sound like.  This conclusion comes up within the opening track appropriately named "Burn Witch Burn".

This dark shadowy collection of melodies will provide the ideal soundtrack for any kind of occasion involving the odd fright or five; the solid collection including what will be Horror Rock anthems including "Rot In Hell", "The Snake" and "Dark Light". With anthems such as these abominations their live shows will provide pandemonium, chaos and complete bedlam; in terms of THE HERECTIC ORDER that is a huge compliment.

Ending on the Doom vibes "Entombed" only confirmed the suspicions of the album title; if this debut doesn't make us "All Hail The Order" who knows what will.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"All Hail The Order" Track-listing:

1. Burn Witch Burn
2. El Baile De Los Muertos
3. Rot In Hel
4. Ride Blues
5. The Snake
6. Don't Believe The Lies
7. Dark Light
8. Serpent's Breath
9. Ghost Tale
10. Trail Of Sadness
11. Entombed

The Herectic Order Lineup:

Lord Ragnar Wagner - Vocals, Guitars
Count Marcel La Vey - Guitars
Rotted Skull - Bass
Evil E - Drums 

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