Treasure Coast

The Heavy Minds

Good day fellow metal head. Today I'll be bringing you on a trip in THE […]
By Sebastien "Bass" Parent
December 2, 2015
The Heavy Minds - Treasure Coast album cover

Good day fellow metal head. Today I'll be bringing you on a trip in THE HEAVY MINDS on the "Treasure Coast". This new album is exactly what it sets out to be, Stoner Metal. I can't imagine listening to that under the influence; you must see colours for real in the music.

The music and the voice are well in tune. I'd say the music is actually the high point of this album, it really feels like a 70s Stoner trip mixed with Metal with languish riffs and repetitive bass and slow drums. The voice was a bit out of tone sometime, but this gives the songs a better feeling overall I do think.

In "Rivers", the drums right away at the start of the song are a bit out of rhythms. You can see right away what you are in for. It is a slow pace and methodical music, with a few discordant notes sometime. The following song "You've Seen It Coming" is probably the fastest song on the album. With a huge amount of bass and cymbal in the song, it gives a great effect of hallucination, like what's happening is not real.

I have to point out that the bass is really present throughout this album. In "Diamonds Of Love", the intro is only done with the bass. Again, this gives a Stone effect, like our ears are buzzing while listening to this.

The bass tones down a bit at the start of the following song "Drifting Away", but it's still an underlying presence. This tune is a bit slower than the others, more psychedelic with discordant guitar on most of the riffs.

The song "Treasure Coast" is definitely the weirdest of them all. With acoustic guitars, tambourine and wind sounds in the back. This trip is getting weird indeed, but in a great way.

I definitely recommend giving this album a go, especially if Stoner Rock/Metal is your thing, you'll find a great album here from THE HEAVY MINDS. I have nothing bad to say about this. It really was a trip listening to them.

8 / 10


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"Treasure Coast" Track-listing:

1. Rivers
2. You've Seen It Coming
3. Diamonds Of Love
4. Drifting Away
5. Treasure Coast
6. Seven Remains
7. Fire In My Veins

The Heavy Minds Lineup:

Lukas - Guitar, Vocals
Tobias - Guitar, Bass
Christoph - Drums

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