Stand Up Straight

The Generals

It was early in the afternoon and there I was checking some of my mails […]
By Harry Papadopoulos
March 4, 2010
The Generals - Stand Up Straight album cover

It was early in the afternoon and there I was checking some of my mails and preparing myself to write a few reviews. I then inserted the digital promo from THE GENERALS' debut album in my player. My first reaction was to ask myself: "12 songs in only 36 minutes? What on Earth?". So, with curiosity I pressed the 'play' button and started looking for any information about the band, since the info sheet didn't have even a small bio.

THE GENERALS was formed in 2002 in Amal, Sweden. They started playing dirty Rock 'n' Roll, but as they grew up as a band they started putting new things in their songs, since those four guys listens from the Blues to Death Metal. At the bottom line, we can say it was inevitable for their compositions nor to take a more Death-ish Metal orientation. They recorded their first album in 2008 with Tomas Skogsberg (ENTOMBED, THE HELLACOPTERS) as their producer, but they didn't have a contract until August 2009 with Metal Central Records... ...and with the kick of the New Year, their album is ready to be released. You already have the basic idea of how "Stand Up Straight" sounds. Imagine PANTERA covering (their after "Wolverine Blues" era) ENTOMBED. Simple Thrash-y rhythms, heavy riffs and harsh vocals are the ingredients of this album. Songs like "Consulting With The Sinner" my favorite one, "Punchline" and the self titled will make you headbang, 100% guaranteed. On the other hand, there are some songs that didn't leave anything to my ears and there is something unclear at the production that I didn't like, expect that I wanted it a bit more "dirty".

Surely this album is above average. But it's not a masterpiece either. There are many moments for the fans of Death 'n' Roll to bang their heads, drink whiskey and beer and start a pogo, but there are some other moments in "Stand Up Straight" that will come and go. These guys, if they work hard, can go up in the hierarchy of their genre.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Stand Up Straight" Track-listing:
  1. Blessing In Disguise
  2. The Offer Still Stands
  3. Punchline
  4. The Illusionist
  5. Stand Up Straight
  6. One Eye Red
  7. Portal To Paradise
  8. Consulting With The Sinner
  9. Split Vision, Snap Decision
  10. Trunkride
  11. Hell Was Built For Heroes
  12. Do It Like The Devil
The Generals Lineup:

Hednar - Lead Vocals, Bass
Rickard - Lead Guitars
Dick - Guitars, Vocals
MetalMartin - Drums, Percussion

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