Hair Of The Hound?

The Filth Hounds

Some traditions are always worth keeping alive, that said the raw-intense sound of the UK's THE […]
By Kevin Burke
December 3, 2018
The Filth Hounds - Hair Of The Hound? album cover

Some traditions are always worth keeping alive, that said the raw-intense sound of the UK's THE FILTH HOUNDS have their very roots in that bygone era of pub-metal, the birthplace of the NWOBHM, the working mans bands, the imperfections in sound is what makes them perfect and, they are constructed to purely entertain, that translates effectively onto THE FILTH HOUNDS latest album making it a feast of stand-out metal cuts. Across the "Hair Of The Hounds?" eight-tracks there is a sense of a connection between the band and the listener, an appealing aspect which breaks the other-worldly image which some bands revel in, instead, the message of the band is-"this is our music and this is who we are!"

The album opens with the aptly titled "Attack!", it launches with the fire-power of JUDAS PRIEST, the voice of Bryan McGill is both organic and passionate, wholly relatable, as it is always kept in its natural state to carry these street-wise anthems which THE FILTH HOUNDS conjure up throughout the set of songs, they are an appealing listen, not just a barrage of distortion which may come as a surprise to some, heavy but sophisticated. With the hypnotic bass run of John Allom that opens "Tonight", a run which immediately gets stuck within the listeners brain, augmented by high-density crunching guitars, this track growls and groans as the wheels slowly turn, however with "Dead Man's Eye" appearing as if the collision of grunge and new wave metal has only just happened, think QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE meets SAXON, there is a wide scope to what this band can accomplish musically.

The acoustic "S.T.B" segues into the monstrous sound of "Lost", which gallops and swaggers with a pretentious-free burst of energy, the dynamic playing of Liam Mulpetre on guitar drives this song with the foot flat-to-the-mat, the production throughout the album keeps the band in the natural state, no synth haze or vocal treatments which would lose the raw edge which is the very heart of the band. THE FILTH HOUNDS are certainly a band to take note off, what makes "Hair Of The Hound?" special is how it can sound on a live stage, what you hear is exactly what you can expect to get on the live circuit, they are a solid, tight-knit act who are only getting into their stride, they may have been a 'David' in a world of 'Goliaths' but that may be about to change.

8 / 10









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"Hair Of The Hound?" Track-listing:

1. Attack!
2. Jack's Nightmare
3. Tonight
4. Dead Man's Eye
5. S.T.B.
6. Lost
7. Photograph
8. Keeping the Pain Alive

The Filth Hounds Lineup:

Bryan McGill - Vocals, Guitars
John Allom - Bass, Backing Vocals
Liam Mulpetre - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Kristoffer Wylie - Drums, Percussion

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