One More River To Cross

The Ferrymen

THE FERRYMEN are a Melodic Heavy Metal band comprised of the prolific Swedish guitarist/songwriter/producer Magnus […]
May 13, 2022
The Ferrymen - One More River To Cross album cover

THE FERRYMEN are a Melodic Heavy Metal band comprised of the prolific Swedish guitarist/songwriter/producer Magnus Karlsson (PRIMAL FEAR, MAGNUS KARLSSON'S FREE FALL), Ronnie Romero (LORDS OF BLACK, SUNSTORM, RAINBOW), and Mike Terrana (RAGE, AXEL RUDI PELL, etc.). "One More River to Cross" is their third album released on Frontiers Music Srl.

On listening to the album the first time I was impressed and actually the second time, I can see this being a firm favourite of mine as it really is an excellent album.

"One Word" opens the album and after the atmospheric orchestration of the intro followed by a heavy chugging riff and the soaring vocals, it has a definite late 80s Classic Rock feel. Later there's a wonderful bass, keyboard and lead guitar breakdown which adds a great dynamic to the song. Also the production is clear and none of the instrumentation dominates but blends perfectly together.

Whilst the Classic Metal sound permeates the album, it's also complimented by some heavy modern riffage. A case in point is the excellent "City of Hate" which starts with an atmospheric intro before a heavy pounding riff takes hold and a much darker thrashier vibe ensues.  A heavy stop-start riff is joined by lead guitar and the song is complimented by a great chorus. A definite favourite.

Probably my favourite track though is the near seven minute "Morning Star" which, with simply bass and drum in the verse, showcases just how great Ronnie is as a vocalist. His voice is fantastic on this track and has plenty of space with which to shine. Again whilst you think it's just going to be a ballad, some darker riffage in the last 2 minutes of the track add another dynamic and I just wanted to play it again. Fantastic song.

"Bringers of The Dark" has operatic vocals complimenting a fast heavy driving rhythm which gets darker as the song progresses. A searing lead guitar is also a definite highlight. The orchestral intro and galloping riff to "The Other Side" reminded me of NIGHTWISH with its heavier darker riffs. Both "The Last Ship" and "The Passenger" end the album on fine form with some spooky ghost-like vocals on the latter complimented by a great dark and gritty melodic riff.

As a writer, you sometimes have to review some below average material so it's a real joy when you come across music of such high calibre. Magnus's songwriting is superb as is his musicianship and Mike is no slouch either on the drums which are punchy and carry the songs along nicely. With Ronnie (who was apparently hand-picked by Richie Blackmore to be the lead vocalist on the Rainbow reunion shows) showcasing just how great he is and a stellar clear production (courtesy of Simone Mularoni), THE FERRYMEN have created a great slab of Melodic Heavy Metal. I for one will be eagerly listening to this and their previous two albums and I suggest you do the same.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"One More River To Cross" Track-listing:

1. One Word
2. The Last Wave
3. Shut It Out
4. City of Hate
5. One More River To Cross
6. Morning Star
7. Hunt Me To The End Of The World
8. Bringers Of The Dark
9. The Other Side
10. The Last Ship
11. The Passenger

The Ferrymen Lineup:

Ronnie Romero - Vocals
Mike Terrana - Drums
Magnus Karlsson - Guitar, Bass and Keyboards

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