Planetary Duality

The Faceless

Life is full of making choices. Others are good and others not, without having to […]
By Harry Papadopoulos
February 26, 2009
The Faceless - Planetary Duality album cover

Life is full of making choices. Others are good and others not, without having to do if they are serious or not. Same thing happens with the new releases that are arriving in our magazine headquarters. Sometimes we make some requests about what albums we want to review. Others are good choices others are not. So in which category is the second album from THE FACELESS? Unfortunately for them, and me, they belong to the second one.

So, since I don't think I should spend a lot of time for this album, I will be short and sweet like a donkey's gallop. To tell you truth I haven't listened to the previous album of these guys from U.S.A. But judging from this one and reading some older reviews, they seem they haven't made a step forward. Playing typical progressive Death Metal and being inspired by the cliche things like life and death and science fiction, they made a - fortunately - short in duration album. I have the word progressive in quotation marks for a reason. And the reason is that, despite they are all good players and they know how to use their musical instruments well, they don't have that something, if you know what I mean.
They may be able to play almost anything, but not with their heart. Their technical riffs, the breakdowns and the very good production, are not making things better. And just playing well doesn't make your album a progressive one. The changes in the tempo are so quick that at the end this sounds boring; not to mention the vocoder they used that, in my opinion, sounds at least bad.

The album has some moments in the first three songs, but that won't save the day. Nothing special, nothing that you haven't heard before and an album without soul. On to the next one.

3 / 10


"Planetary Duality" Track-listing:

Prison Born
The Ancient Covenant
Shape Shifters
Coldly Calculated Design
Xeno Christ
Sons Of Belial
Legion Of The Serpent
Planetary Duality I (Hideous Revelation)
Planetary Duality II (A Prophecies Fruition)

The Faceless Lineup:

Michael Keene Machine - Guitar
Derek Demon Carcass Rydquist - Vocals
Brandon Giffin - Bass
Steve Jones - Guitar
Lyle Cooper - Drums

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