I Want it to End

The Erkonauts

THE ERKONAUTS are a Progressive Metal band based out of Switzerland. Formed in 2014, they […]
December 19, 2020
The Erkonauts - I Want it to End album cover

THE ERKONAUTS are a Progressive Metal band based out of Switzerland. Formed in 2014, they have released two prior albums, and now are back with "I Want it to End," which contains eight tracks. "War Flamingoes" leads off the album. It's a quick three-minute burner, thick with impressive bass guitar notes. The vocals are shouted in the verses...probably my least favorite of all vocals...but the clean harmonies in the chorus are lush and rich. "The Future ends with you" opens with a heavy swing. The clean vocals are almost Industrial in their delivery. The guitars, bass, and drums hold down a weighted method, while the harmonized clean vocals provide some melody. There are some Progressive elements present, but also some Alternative elements for me.

"Five Orange Seeds" begins with some drums, leading to a darker and slower sound. The riff ventures out a bit, while the vocals are soft and emotive. It's the shouted vocals that give it that Alternative edge for me. But there is a pretty instrumental passage around the half-way mark...a little VOLBEAT meets GOJIRA perhaps? "The Cult of the Burning Star" begins with a slower pace and a charming little riff. The sound is tentative at first, but eventually lets loose, with shouted vocals. A fantastic guitar solo puts a stamp on the sound. "It Could be Over Soon" begins with clean guitars and a dialed-back sound. The vocals are smooth and quiet. The harmonies they build here are subtle but also very alluring. Softly, it actually has a grandiose sound to it when all is said and done.

"Losing is the First Step" is a short and fast three-minute song, opening with a grand display of the slapping talents of bassist Ales Campanelli. The guitar riff is staccato in its attack, then come the shouted vocals. "The Sun" begins with a heavy attack, and some meter shifting, reminiscent of GOJIRA for me. The sound here is both weighted and aggressive. A distorted and dissonant passage takes the song to closing. "Carvaggio" opens with soft and delicate clean guitars. It builds for a bit with heavier guitar passages, then back to the previous sound. One thing the album is not short on is diversity. Suddenly, the guitars transition to fast-picked elements, and then all of the elements blend into a synergy towards the end.

"The Curse of Scotland" is a short and quick closing song, opening with a super-fast sound and a guitar solo with plenty of wah-wah. Some more of those Industrial elements also come into play. Overall, this was an excellent album. Though I could do without the shouted vocals, their mastery over their instruments is obvious. They present a plate of nine original songs, each one different than the previous one, and take you on a ride through the album with many unique sounds...from quiet, pensive songs to fast and aggressive songs. This was a very pleasurable listening experience.

8 / 10









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"I Want it to End" Track-listing:

1. War Flamingoes
2. The Future ends with you
3. Five Orange Seeds
4. The Cult of the Burning Star
5. It could be Over Soon
6. Losing is the First Step
7. The Sun
8. Carvaggio
8. The Curse of Scotland

The Erkonauts Lineup:

Ales Campanelli - Bass, Vocals
Drop - Guitars
Fred Di Limoncelli - Lead Guitars
Vinch Cerutti - Drums

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