The Dying Wonders Of The World

The Duskfall

Ok, that's it! No more Kai Jaakkola for me please! I listened to him in […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
October 25, 2007
The Duskfall - The Dying Wonders Of The World album cover

Ok, that's it! No more Kai Jaakkola for me please! I listened to him in DEATHCHAIN. Even though I didn't like the album that much, I though he was ok. I then listened to him in DEATHBOUND; he was really cool there, too. But what have I done to listen to him three times in a row? He is a really good singer, but I can't review three albums that feature him on vocals! I have been bored of listening to this voice!

I think that fans of melodic Death Metal will definitely be aware of the name THE DUSKFALL. This band is pretty new since it was formed in 2001, but has already managed to create its own fanbase and make a good name. They have released three full-length albums and now it is time for them to release their fourth one and deliver some brutality along with some melody.

Ok, here's the deal. I was never a fan of Gothenburg's scene. This melodic Death Metal thing has become more common than Metalcore! All the bands have ended up using the same melodies, the same vocals, the same production, the same lyrics... And the funny thing is that it is a famous genre that sells many CD's (mostly thanks to bands like IN FLAMES and SOILWORK). So, THE DUSKFALL are no exception and The Dying Wonders Of The World is a typical NWOSDM album with brutality vs. melody elements that resemble to bands like DARK TRANQUILLITY, SOILWORK and IN FLAMES. The above-mentioned bands have managed to avoid sounding the same as thousands of bands and have created their own, personal style that keeps them so high in the Metal scene.

I wonder why do some bands insist on playing the same things again and again. THE DUSKFALL's new album is no different than the band's previous releases. I think that the polished production will not fool anyone. The metalhead will not spend his money on releases that are like they have come out of the same factory. No more standardised releases from the Swedish scene. Have mercy on me God!

"The Dying Wonders Of The World" Track-listing:

Paradises Into Deserts
The Wheel And The Blacklight
Deep In Your World
Some More Sin On My Burden
Shadows And Cancer
Bring Us Your Infected
The Option And The Poison
Sealed With A Fist
I've Only Got Knives For You

The Duskfall Lineup:

Kai Jaakkola - Vocals
Antti Lindholm - Guitar
Mikael Sandorf - Guitar
Matte W. Jarnil - Bass
Oskar Karlsson - Drums

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