Vidékek Vannak Idebenn

The Devil's Trade

From Bandcamp, "It is of no surprise liminal space is a key element in the […]
The Devil's Trade - Vidékek Vannak Idebenn album cover

From Bandcamp, "It is of no surprise liminal space is a key element in the next phase of the band's fourth album, "Vidékek vannak idebenn" (a title that loosely translates to "there are landscapes within."). While still true to his solo artist roots, delivering gut-wrenching melodies of darkness and beauty on his own, Dávid Makó (the man behind the moniker) needed an expansion to his universe. With the addition of long-time friend and former bandmate Gáspár Binder on drums and a live keyboard player, he finally took the much-needed step forward."

The album has eight songs. The opening sounds are tense and mysterious, and the vocals are sung in his native language. It's a set up song for the forthcoming tones of the album. "Flashing Through the Lack of Light" is a soft and pretty song, fueled by atmospheric tones, and emotional vocals with harmonies. A tone of sadness hangs in the air, and if you reach out and grab it, it threatens to consume you. The title track is darker, and the low clean guitars are augmented with fat bass notes that hold down the bottom end. The vocals are still quite expressive, and that increases with the addition of a heavier riff.

"Clear Like the Wind" has soothing and melancholy guitars and vocals. The sound reminds me of how one might feel, having clarity after a long period of confusion and doubt. The guitar riff is quite simple, but also so effective at portraying the emotion that the band wants to get across. If the rest of the album is tinged with sadness, "Liminal" will drive that stake into your heart. It almost hurts to listen to, and you can feel his laments as the vocals belt out to the sky. "Fordulj kedves lovam" has heavier tones that are thick and rich with feeling. It teeters on the edge of closing the lid to your coffin forever, and each new tones brings the lid down another notch.

"All Kings Must Fail" is a shorter song where the laments are finally washed clean, and the grey cloud that hangs over your head disappears for a spell. "Új hajnal már nem jő" closes the album. Ominous tones creep in the beginning, followed by a steady supply of emotions. I can't discern if the primary sound here is one of despair, or one of hope. Overall, take a look at the album cover for your cue as to what lies within...a steady supply of grey. One website described grey as "it tends to have a dampening effect-both on other colors and on our moods. It's calm and dispassionate, but too much gray can be depressing." The beauty and power of the album lies in its simplicity. With only vocals, occasional guitars, and a lot of atmosphere, the music is stripped down to bare essentials. But I'll be damned if takes anything else to drive that proverbial arrow into your heart.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Vidékek Vannak Idebenn" Track-listing:

1. Felkelék én
2. Flashing Through the Lack of Light
3. Vidékek vannak idebenn
4. Clear Like the Wind
5. Liminal
6. Fordulj kedves lovam
7. All Kings Must Fall
8. Új hajnal már nem jő

The Devil's Trade Lineup:

Dávid Makó - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Banjo
Gáspár Binder - Drums

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