No $ale

The Days In Between

The Days In Between is the 2nd mainstream band to catch my attention lately, the […]
By Amy La Salla
August 28, 2005

The Days In Between is the 2nd mainstream band to catch my attention lately, the other being Iommi and Hughes. My jaded senses are taking a severe beating. This is a great relief because I was beginning to worry I'd never like another mainstream band. The bio that came with the CD classified them as future classic Rock and I can see why, their influences hail from more than one decade or style of Rock and come together perfectly 99% of the time.
For such a young band, The Days In Between has done well. Their first full-length album Drift has sold out of two different printings and is currently available only on iTunes. Their latest EP No $ale has already sold over 800 copies and I hear is being played quite a bit on college and internet radio. This is unsurprising because The Days In Between is exceptional for their genre of music. I imagine many other people would not be surprised to learn this either, because The Days In Between was chosen by as one of their top unsigned acts and has featured them as the local band showcase at the Viper Room.
The Days In Between's sound is melodic and sometimes has rather intricate guitar-work, such as my favorite track, Find Your Way. Their emotionally dead-on rhythm runs the show for most of the album. The product is very good but I could have done with more guitar solos. When one comes it does its job admirably, frequently with a great traditional Rock 'N' Roll vibe. The Days In Between's guitar-work remind me a bit of Blue Oyster Cult on the heavier songs. Help Is On The Way is a good example of this. Eric Lilavois (lead singer) voice reminds me a bit of Eddie Vedder but minus the shakiness. Despite this, Eric's sometimes bluesy voice is pleasing to the ear in every song except Darker Side, which I don't like anything about. It reminds me of 1960's Rock 'N' Roll but the melody grates on me.
If you are a fan of classic Rock but don't mind hearing the heaviness slightly upgraded then The Days In Between is the band for you. They certainly top most of what is on the radio nowadays. If you don't like anything outside of this decade, however, I would give them a pass. Appreciation of Rock 'N' Roll history is a must here.

8 / 10


"No $ale" Track-listing:

Find Your Way
Only One ALive Tonight
Darker Side
Help On The Way

The Days In Between Lineup:

Matthew Herman - Bass
Eric Lilavois - Vocals & Guitars
Conor Logan - Drums

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