The D.O.O.D.

From Sarateno, Florida, THE D.O.O.D (THE DISTINGUISHED ORDER OF DISOBEDIENCE), are releasing a brand new […]
By Martin "Doomed" Desbois
January 7, 2019
Thunderbird Divine - The Hand of Man album cover

From Sarateno, Florida, THE D.O.O.D (THE DISTINGUISHED ORDER OF DISOBEDIENCE), are releasing a brand new album.This is their third release after their "Beautiful Ride" EP and and their first length entitled: "Playtime in the Apocalypse". They are not signed yet and they are looking for a record label or promoters to let them play in farther territories and let them have some expansion. The album starts with a circus like anthem...piano, some beast and weird sounds. Brass instruments can be heard too. To me it sounds like some Tom Waits visiting mad circus. Acting like an intro, "The Bottom" was setting the mood.

"The Devil you Know" is the second track and we can finally hear the entire band. Monkeyboy has a  vocal style that's not metal and not hardcore too. It's lightly harsh. The guitars are a little generic but moving. The production requires a little more work but overall that's enjoyable. It perhaps sounds a little disorganized but maybe that's what they aimed for. There are some crazy guitars in the second half of the song. "Brothers" has a nice groove, backed with cool guitars. Monkeyboy shows great vocal skills that reminds me of SYMPHONY X's Michael Romeo. But we're not in a progressive metal environment at all. It's a great Alternative metal song...a blend of old school heavy metal mixed up with alternative rock/metal and grooviness.

"Revolution" has SEPULTURA influences. It's tribal metal. The drums sounds metallic, while the guitar is expressive sharing influences from 80's metal to today's modern sound and energy with a glimpse of new metal. It's really a melting pot of different well mixed up to offer craziness and power. "Brutality" is a DOWN, and CROWBAR tribute! Man i love Monkeyboy singing that way! This genre fits you pretty well man! Great grooves worthy of the greatest New Orleans swamps! It has catchy riffs, and I headbanged and killed four or five crocodiles while drowning in that swamp and still smiling!

"Chasing Dragons" has strong vocals and back ones are deadly cool, adding to the creepiness. The lead guitar has cool playing, linear style that adds to the melodic and insidious feel. There is a very nineties feeling  here. The more the album moves forward,the more it defines itself in one direction and that quite a good thing. I love the feel of this one. "Cement" is bass powered.Fast pace and energy that reminds a lot of PANTERA. It's very reminiscent of POISON IDEA too. Excellent melodic guitars and solos. Nothing new, more of a flashback or a tribute to great bands in the nineties that rocked and still rock the house badly. Headbanging approved.

"Noose" has the Swedish melodic death influence result on them, like CROWBAR playing AT THE GATES songs. There is an interesting mix of their influence with the ones a just stated. "Paranoia" talks (obviously) about mental issues, especially dealing with paranoia. We can hear samples showing what's inside the ill person's head. The guitar work and drum is the best here so far.Catchy as fuck and very good. The chorus will follow me for a couple of days. Very good song...I'd like to hear you guys live! "Taphophobia" is more mellow and smooth. Monkey still sings harsh even when the storm calms down. Oh the song takes another destination at crossroads. Interesting power ballad like song. The lead guitar should be less in the forefront I think. For the chorus sections that's good though...just a little annoying thing I should point out. Great rhythm guitars and very enjoyable leads, however.

"Nightmare Fuel" is an ascension to the summits of Mount Rock N Roll. It has a well contained energy that implodes. The drums are pounding and makes me wants to drum on my laptop. Nice transitions and songwriting here. "Dance of the Dead" reminds me of SYSTEM OF A DOWN. Man even after like eleven songs I'm till impressed by the raw and excellent range of Monkeyboy. Cool back vocals too, with catchy riffs...nothing complex, all is expressed in emotions and feeling. They are so versatile and hybrid. They can gain fans from a wide range of fans, and I wish they will or surely already have. "Flagpole Sitta" is an HARVEY DANGER Cover. That's quite a cool and powerful version with the D.O.O.D special ingredients.

Overall, "Buttercup!!!" is a great album. It starts quite in a weird way but as the album moves forward, it shows its true identity and it shoots bullseyes often through the rest of the album. Mainly nineties oriented and fueled, this one may sound old or not that much interesting to kids or people living for modern music and sounds. Having lived the entire nineties and still having cravings of that decade, I really liked that album. Monkeyboy adds a lot to the record and overall they are great musicians and songwriters even if originality isn't their main goal. Also if you like CROWBAR, DOWN,or a little Nu-Metal and Alternative music, this is for you. My improvement advice: Pay more time on the cover art and production if you are able to. They are touring now thorough Florida and want to expand it nationwide or more, and I wish them good luck!

8 / 10









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"Buttercup!!!" Track-listing:

1. The Bottom
2. The Devil You Know
3. Revolution
4. Brothers
5. Brutality
6. Chasing Dragons
7. Cement
8. Noose
9. Paranoia
10. Taphophobia
11. Nightmare Fuel
12. Dance Of The Dead
13. Flagpole Sitta

The D.O.O.D. Lineup:

Raynus DOOD - Guitar, Vocals
Jonzey DOOD - Bass, Vocals
Rob Vogel - Drums
Monkeyboy DOOD - Vocals/Noise
Pinky DOOD - Stage Performance

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