The Wicked King: Part II

The Crown Remnant

The heavy caustic and highly melodic metal of THE CROWN REMNANT return with their second […]
By Kevin Burke
January 12, 2019
The Crown Remnant - The Wicked King: Part II album cover

The heavy caustic and highly melodic metal of THE CROWN REMNANT return with their second long player and follow-up proper to the 2017 "The Wicked King".  This time we are given the second installment, continuing the thread and expanding on the sound, "The Wicked King-Part 2" takes over exactly where the last left off, and the Los Angeles based-quintet continue to hammer out their own particular blend of power. This is an album steeped in theatrics with a dramatic pulse running from the opening "Into The Depths", to the close and title track.  Ambient drifting sounds launch this vessel that swoops and soars majestically.

A heavy-fused concept album can be tricky to pull off, two in succession can be almost impossible but THE CROWN REMNANT have done it with conviction.  There is enough passion pumped into every square inch of this album to open up dimensions to a soundscape, where few bands dare to thread. The manic riffest leads nicely into "The End", a chorus heavy track placed early on the album, the name may suggest a closer but it is THE CROWN REMNANT only switching into their top gear. What is very noticeable is where the central points of the storyline are delivered and how it works lies within the extreme vocal-delivery of Geordy Shallan.  He gives the music that ultra-scare at times with shifts the music from epic to more straightforward speed with hints of older new wave formats. At times the sound may resemble a hint of PANTERA with progressive leanings, stylishly-speed metal with a concept.

The first snippet release "Inferno" by all accounts is a high point of the album, a perfect entry into the spectrum of the album.  Themes of tyranny, persecution, enslaved souls are at the core of the delicious groove-metal which bounds effortlessly as if an adrenaline fueled heart is at the source of the very recording breathing a life all of its own.  It is the darker side of the  two parts, highlighted by the themes in "The Eternal Façade". Although recorded at the same time as the first part, "The Wicked King-Part 2" managed to stand proudly on its own merit, the themes continue but as a whole it is enjoyable without having to replay the first part.

Will there be a part three of "The Wicked King" has yet to be seen, however what can be told from the outset is whatever THE CROWN REMNANT decide to do and, going by this release it's definitely not going to be boring.

8 / 10









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"The Wicked King: Part II" Track-listing:

1. Into the Depths
2. The End
3. Legacy
4. Inferno
5. The Eternal Façade
6. As Faith Fades
7. The Wicked King

The Crown Remnant Lineup:

Geordy Shallan - Lead Vocals
Will Ash - Lead Guitar
Jorge Lopez - Rhythm Guitar
Josue Lara - Bass Guitar
Art Ramirez - Drums

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