Funeral Blues

The Crooked Whispers

THE CROOKED WHISPERS specializes in Satanic Psych Doom-Psych Doom is their style, Satanic is their […]
May 22, 2023
The Crooked Whispers - Funeral Blues album cover

THE CROOKED WHISPERS specializes in Satanic Psych Doom-Psych Doom is their style, Satanic is their theme. The foursome hail from the Americas, North and South, and formed in the auspicious year of 2020. In the short order they released their debut full-length, "Satanic Melodies," in the year our plague; an EP, "Dead Moon Night," in the relapse year of 2021; a split, "Last Call from Hell," in 2022 with Argentinian compatriots FULANNA; and on April 7, 2023 they dropped their sophomore full-length, "Funeral Blues," on Ripple Music. While "Funeral Blues" isn't going to win any innovation awards, the band does score high in remaining true to their style.

The album is raw and deeply analog-a vibe that blends well with the 70's blues Doom base. The only thing that doesn't mesh with that era is Anthony Gaglia's vocal delivery which is more FWBM. The band also has a bit of a jam vibe, albeit at Sludge tempo, with several tracks wandering out beyond the six-minute mark and only two of the eight tracks hanging south of five minutes.

Although the band proclaims satanic proclivities, the lyrics are more about the glorification of death with a splash of occultism. So if you equate dark with satanism, then yeah, maybe. But there are no ritualistic performances or protracted diatribes spouting the tenants of satanism. And that's fine. Just saying that those who come to THE CROOKED WHISPERS for the dark Sludge will probably be more satisfied than those who arrive under the promise of Luciferian worship.

Best tracks are "Deathmaker" and "Suicide Castle" mostly due to the uptick in tempo which levels up the Psych vibe from bitumen to molten lead. The bulk of the tracks, however, are long on down-tuned blues and short on aggressive riffing. For those who relish in the swampy molasses, "When Nothing is Left," "Bed of Bones," and "Crippled Shadows" are sure to be favorites. There are, of course, a few tracks that play on both sides of the fence like "Pleasant Death" which kicks off with and returns to a killer Psych riff. Enveloped in the middle is a long blues-laden meander through the Dead Marshes.

Final matters: Great artwork by Revelation Studio adorns the cover and production values are very strong, delivered by Ignacio De Tommaso and Marcelo Suraniti at El Martillo Estudio in Buenos Aires. Altogether a nice murky, offering of demonic Doom from the Americas.

7 / 10









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"Funeral Blues" Track-listing:

1. Suicidal Castle
2. Stay in Hell
3. Funeral Blues
4. When Nothing Is Left
5. Deathmaker
6. Crippled Shadow
7. Pleasant Death
8. Bed of Bones

The Crooked Whispers Lineup:

Anthony Gaglia - Vocals
Ignacio De Tommaso - Bass, backing vocals, keyboards
Federico Ramos - Guitars, keyboards
Nicolás Taranto - Drums

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