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THE CONTORTIONIST claimed adventurous and Experimental Progressive Heavy Metal as their stock in trade at […]
August 13, 2019
The Contortionist - Our Bones album cover

THE CONTORTIONIST claimed adventurous and Experimental Progressive Heavy Metal as their stock in trade at their 2007 inception in the Indianapolis underground. Across four albums, they've crafted a musical identity championed by a diverse audience, demonstrated by the feverish support of fans who've seen them on tour. The band's new EP, "Our Bones." sees The Contortionist step outside the atmospheric storytelling of their critically lauded conceptual album "Clairvoyant" to indulge an aggressive shadow side. The EP contains four tracks, the last being a SMASHING PUMPKINS cover.

"Follow" leads off the album. It opens with a catchy groove and harmonic clean vocals. When the harsh vocals come in, the weight of the band's sound can be felt immediately. The combination of smooth Progressive music high in melody and the more aggressive harsh vocals is amazing. "Early Grave" has some dissonance in the guitars but the vocals are silky and smooth over top. This song has some obvious emotional peaks which are absolutely beautiful....especially the more ambient passage where the vocals become whispers. "All Grey" is a short, two-minute song, featuring alluring piano/key melodies, and the charming vocals of Michael Lessard. Though short, it leaves a lasting impression on the listener, and it sublime in its beauty.

I never cared for the SMASHING PUMPKINS, mostly because of Billy Corgan's awful attempt at singing. However, I loved the song "1979," because of the music. Well, THE CONTORTONIST manage a MUCH better version of this song. Lessard's voice is just so mesmerizing in its simplicity, and they manage some crescendos in the music that really send goosebumps down your spine. They breathed new life into an old classic that most of us remember. Overall, this was a fantastic release...I just wanted more. Though it did explore their more aggressive side a bit more, it mostly held true to their roots. There are emotional peaks, parts that make you excited, and more mellow passages where all you can see are trees and lush green valleys. One more song, and it would have been a perfect EP.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Our Bones" Track-listing:

1. Follow
2. Early Grave
3. All Grey
4. 1979

The Contortionist Lineup:

Robby Baca - Guitar
Michael Lessard - Vocals
Joey Baca - Percussion
Cameron Maynard - Guitar
Jordan Eberhardt - Bass Guitar
Eric Guenther - Keyboards

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