In The Big Ending...

The Clan Destined

All of the die-hard SKYCLAD should be familiar to the name of THE CLAN DESTINED. […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
December 14, 2008
The Clan Destined - In The Big Ending... album cover

All of the die-hard SKYCLAD should be familiar to the name of THE CLAN DESTINED. It is a project band (at least this is how it started) formed by Mr Martin Walkyier who is mainly known from his glorious days with SKYCLAD and his on-going story with SABBAT. Martin and Andy Sneap reactivated SABBAT and here they join forces under the moniker THE CLAN DESTINED.
If I remember well the first sample of this new band was in 2005 when gave the chance to download for free the track T.C. Lethbridge. So after almost three years we have in our hand this almost full length album that raises our hopes for more in the future (near I hope).
Swinging Judas is the first treat that is guitar driven and an overall feeling of freshness in the sound. Ok, there are some SKYCLAD and even SABBAT influences but I tell you this is something new. Uptempo rhythm melodic keyboards and of course the caustic lyrics of the ultimate Metal poet and orator Martin about his 'favorite' subject; the christianic church and the crimes committed (and still are). Next is the track I Am Because We Are where we find the excellent addition of female vocals that fit the music like a glove. The song has an addictive groove enhanced by the keyboard background tunes and guitar hooks.
T.C. Lethbridge (that talks about a British archeologist and occult writer) has an uptempo rhythm with almost MAIDEN-esque double guitar harmonies filled with energy. The chorus lines will set anchor in your mind and you'll find yourself singing them after a while. Again keyboard take a step forward and open for A Beautiful Start To The End Of The World that is also the first video clip for THE CLAN DESTINED (it comes with the CD as a bonus DVD). This track is fast and heavy characterized by the excellent guitar solo somewhere in the middle. Christianity is again the main subject in Devil For A Day where the ironic 'happy' music is wrapped around the yet again clever lyrics like it is often said the good die young -that's how we lived so long. This musical trip ends with the heavy fast track More Than War where the keyboards gain a more significant role and as I think of it they are responsible for this fresh breeze on THE CLAN DESTINED sound.
I hope/believe that the track-by-track commentary has convinced you about the high quality in the first discographic step of THE CLAN DESTINED. Personally, I am happy that we have Martin back in the Metal scene and that he seems to be even stronger after the rough period he has been trough. So, why wait go to the band's official site and get your self a copy of this album and cross your fingers for full time tour program.
P.S.: I could give this one a 10/10 but I would be more subjective than it is 'allowed' to write a proper review.
THE CLAN DESTINED - A Beautiful Start To The End Of The World

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"In The Big Ending..." Track-listing:

Swinging Like Judas
I Am Because We Are
T.C. Lethbridge
A Beautiful Start To The End Of The World
Devil For A Day
More Than War

The Clan Destined Lineup:

Martin Walkyier - Vocals
Grim Rita - Vocals
Lee Casidy - Guitar
James Murphy - Guitar
Andy Sneap - Guitar
Iscariah - Bass
Les Smith - Keyboards
Jay Graham - Drums

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