The Burning

THE BURNING started claiming a place in the Metal scene in 2007, when Storm The […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
March 9, 2009
The Burning - Rewakening album cover

THE BURNING started claiming a place in the Metal scene in 2007, when Storm The Walls was released and the press started giving great reviews. I never had the chance to listen to the band's music, but somehow their new album ended up in my hands. With this review I have the chance to make a first contact with THE BURNING and see if I missed anything these two years.

The Danish act claims that while the current trend sees most modern Metal bands emulating euro styled Thrash/Death Metal and mixing it with either sappy choruses or an overload of predictable breakdowns, THE BURNING goes against the grain drawing more on inspiration from the modern masters like PANTERA, SEPULTURA and SLAYER and focusing more on straight up aggression and the monothematic power of the huge pulverizing groove.

The fact is that the band's sophomore full-length release is not exactly what they claim to be. They talk about SLAYER influences. Name me one extreme Metal band that hasn't been influenced by SLAYER!  I am sorry but THE BURNING are not that different from many modern extreme Metal bands out there. What if they are not so much based on the Swedish models? Denmark has set its own style with bands like HATESPHERE playing this modern Thrash/Death. And I have to admit that HATESPHERE are way better at what they do.

No exciting riffs, classic vocals and almost nothing that will make Rewakening differ from the other releases of the same sound out there. Suggested only to people who are fans of the specific sound and are not looking for anything fresh and different.

5 / 10


"Rewakening" Track-listing:

It Came From The North
Cloven Hoof
Eight Legged Omen
Repentance (Burned On The Stake)
Father They Call Me The Heretic
He Who Whispers In The Back Of Us All
Evangelical Cannibal
Live The Goat
My Apostacy

The Burning Lineup:

Johnny haven - Vocals
Rasmus Normand - Guitar
Thue Moller - Bass
Tobias Host - Drums

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