Turbulent Circle

The Burial Chamber

THE BURIAL CHAMBER is a Metal band formed in 2011 and based out of Barcelona, […]
October 11, 2015
The Burial Chamber - Turbulent Circle album cover

THE BURIAL CHAMBER is a Metal band formed in 2011 and based out of Barcelona, Spain. Following the release of an EP, the band presents their first full length release here, and contains nine tracks.

The opening title track is a slow, ominous sounding lead-in instrumental, with a building suspense from the whispered voices, sending chills down your spine. "Sometimes" is the first track with sung vocals. The riff registers hard on the low end of the spectrum and the vocals are done in Death Metal fashion. I would hesitate however to label it as traditional Death Metal however as there is definitely an amalgam of styles presented here, especially when considering the clean vocal passage that we could call the bridge section of the song. "Fuckinsaurus" is an enticing song title in this piece that is a bit more raucous, but still based on a drop tuned main riff. Once again the clean vocal passage and ensuing melody give this song an almost Melodic Death Metal sound, though the passage might not be long enough to call it that.

"It's Not my Fault" has a dissonant sounding opening and a challenging main riff that brings some complexity to the album. The clean vocal passages here have more of a presence and I really think it adds nicely to the overall sound. "Scars" is another strong track that perhaps shows a bit more of the well done musicianship of the band and their willingness to embrace some different sounds within the main structure of what they pedal. "Aeons" is the closing track. There is some more anguish present here as the vocals are a bit more drawn out and tortured. Here the clean passages are almost sublime in their delivery and I want to sing along and just hand onto that feeling.

I think this is a promising first full length album from the band. Overall however there are just too many tracks done in the same low key. The clean vocal passages and melody that accompanies these sections are really a delightful addition to the tracks when they appear. I find myself wanting a little more of them, and I think if there were this product would really be more complete.

7 / 10


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"Turbulent Circle" Track-listing:

1. Turbulent Circle
2. Sometimes
3. Fuckinsaurus
4. Dying Breath
5. It's Not my Fault
6. Selfmurder
7. Built in Belfast
8. Scars
9. Aeons

The Burial Chamber Lineup:

Jose Castillo - Vocals
Dani Sole - Guitars
Jose Macias - Guitars
Josep Pedragosa - Bass
Rafa Arjona - Drums

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