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THE BLEEDING hailing from London, UK were formed in 2010. They play a mixture of […]
June 19, 2023
The Bleeding - Monokrator album cover

THE BLEEDING hailing from London, UK were formed in 2010. They play a mixture of Death and Thrash Metal and released so far three EPs and two full-length albums. "Monokrator" is their third album, and it was produced by Ronnie Björnström (BLOOD RED THRONE; CAREGAH; PAGANIZER) and guitarist Tasos Tsimorotas, while Ronnie Björnström did the mixing and mastering. The album has a length of about 30 minutes, and it was released via US extreme Metal specialists Redefining Darkness Records.

The album has a frantic start. "Chemical Lobotomy" has all the ingredients of a great Thrash/Death Metal track: the aggression, the blistering pace, the flesh-ripping guitar riffing, and the great lead guitar solo. Most importantly, the track has Thrash vibes written all over it, especially with the harsh vocals and thrashy lead guitar solo. "Chainsaw Deathcult" continues with the assault and the incredible speed. It is a great Thrash Metal track with traditional riffing, plenty of double-bass drumming, and plenty of vocal lines following the riffing. The song includes a mid-tempo break with grim and gloomy melodies. "Chainsaw Deathcult" is the official video release, and the YouTube link is provided below.

"Mutation Chamber" has a very powerful start with crushing basslines and thunderous riffing. It is a mid-tempo song at the early stages with a nice head-banging rhythm, but as the song proceeds, the track gets faster and faster driven by the riffing and the relentless drumming. Highlight is the contributing lead guitar solo, which gives the track an additional layer. Towards the end, the track goes back to mid-tempo introduced by a short bass solo. "Union Of Horror" is another fast song, introduced by the guitar riffing and the main melody of the track. Driven by the guitar riffing and plenty of double-bass as well as a few blast-beats, the melodic framework is grim and it includes another excellent lead guitar solo. There are a few tempo changes in "Union Of Horror" switching from a fast pace to mid-tempo and back. "Screams Of Torment" starts with an extended guitar and drum part at mid-tempo and then transitioning into fast verse part, while the chorus part is at a pounding mid-tempo rhythm with an anthemic chorus vocal line. "Screams Of Torment" sounds a bit different compared to the other songs as it is crushing and a steamroller for most of the time. It also has a bit more complexity with twists and turns in rhythm and pace.

"On Wings Of Tribulation" is introduced by spine-chilling melodies of the lead guitars. It is a grim song with almost catchy riffing. Starting at mid-tempo for the first verse part, the track transitions into a frantic part at high pace with aggressive riffing and great drum parts. The lead guitar solo is not overly long, but adds another dimension to the track. More importantly, it brings the track back to the initial pace and melodic framework towards the end. The title song starts with a short mid-tempo part and transitions then into the main track with a fast verse part and mid-tempo chorus parts. The mid-tempo break includes a lot of double-bass drumming. Characteristic for the title track (and not only for this one) are the many vocal lines, which follow the melodies throughout the song. The album finishes with "Throes Of Repulsion" which starts with a slow spine-chilling melodic part and then transitions into Thrash Metal track at crazy speed. There are various rhythm changes during the track, and again, it is a double-bass fest celebrated by drummer James Loh. "Throes Of Repulsion" is very direct and aggressive and it is a great way to finish the album.

THE BLEEDING deliver a very good album. "Monokrator" is a great Thrash Metal album with Death Metal elements. It comes with a lot of aggression and pace. Highlights are the riffing, the lead guitars, and the drumming. The vocals are not that versatile but contain everything needed in a good Thrash Metal album. The songwriting is very mature. The album is well produced. "Monokrator" is arguably the best album of THE BLEEDING to date and especially Thrash Metal fans will love the album.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Monokrator" Track-listing:

1. Chemical Lobotomy
2. Chainsaw Deathcult
3. Mutation Chamber
4. Union Of Horror
5. Screams Of Torment
6. On Wings Of Tribulation
7. Monokrator
8. Throes Of Repulsion

The Bleeding Lineup:

Jamie Stungo - Vocals
Tasos Tsimorotas - Guitars
James Loh - Drums
Jordan Muscatello - Bass

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