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In the rising population of female-fronted Metal and Rock bands, comes the enigmatic band from […]
By Matt "Wolverine" Johnson
February 7, 2015
The Autist - Entangled album cover

In the rising population of female-fronted Metal and Rock bands, comes the enigmatic band from Lisboa, Portugal, THE AUTIST. Their unorthodox brand of music puts them as one of my bands to watch. Take their latest album "Entangled" for example. The seven-track, December 2014 release has an intriguing mesh of styles and techniques being employed and I was able to really get into the flow of the music. It's not just guitars and drums intended to wow the listener either. They are not shy about backing synths and instrumental segments laid over captivating melodies. I think THE AUTIST has a solid style and direction with their music and it's evident in the quality and marketability.

On to the more technical details. The female vocalist, Edna Gutierrez, is extremely versatile and her cleans are very melodic and do not seem forced. They stand in stark contrast to the occasional heavy growl, cry, or wail and neither they, nor the cleans, are tacky or over compensatory. They are never mismatched with the intensity of the music, which is an accomplishment all on its own. There is a nice conjunction with Joao Prim at times so the backup male vocalist works in seamlessly.

Man, oh man, those guitar notes though. The progressions, the solos, the riffs.. and if you like a band that djents liberally, then this is highly recommended. Unlike a lot of the big-name bands out there that rely on constant open chords and semi-technical breakdowns to draw a crowd, the construction of each song is perplexing and very well rounded, particularly in "Loveless". That track carries with it not only the "epic," progressive sound but also the ability to invoke profound emotions much like the title suggests. I would say it is my favorite track on "Entangled".

There is a lot to like about this band and this entire album. Considering the influences THE AUTIST have listed, such as PERIPHERY, TESSERACT, IN THIS MOMENT, and DARKEST HOUR, one could very well guess that there's some awesome Modern Metal goodness to be discovered. This album is top-notch material for fans of a lot of Metal subgenres. So without further ado, let go and let yourself become "Entangled"!<

8 / 10


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"Entangled" Track-listing:

1. Overwriting
2. Stardust
3. Age of Leviathan
4. The Great Lioness
5. 1349
6. Loveless
7. Ethereal

The Autist Lineup:

Edna Gutierrez - Vocals
João Prim - Vocals
Pedro Remiz - Guitar
Rodrigo Louraço - Guitar
Diogo Bentes - Bass
Emidio - Session Drummer

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