God Bless

The Arson Project

THE ARSON PROJECT vomits out Grindcore at the approximate velocity that Regan spat out green peas in The Exorcist.
November 17, 2023

THE ARSON PROJECT vomits out Grindcore at the approximate velocity that Regan spat out green peas in The Exorcist. But whereas Regan focused on blasphemies, THE ARSON PROJECT is more socio-political in their violent spewing. That’s not a bad thing. In fact, for Grindcore it just might be a requirement. Back in June 2023, this Swedish foursome dropped their second full-length album, “God Bless.” And when I say full-length, it’s more about track count than minutes—10 and 18:46, and that’s including spoken-word add-ins and field recordings.

Musically, THE ARSON PROJECT is strictly Grindcore—down-tuned hardcore punk and thrash riffs; ferocious blast beats; raw, shouted vocals; and more anger than a bad day in Bogota traffic. Lyrically, tracks largely center on the abuses of authority of all types including religious, political, duality of the sexes, and, of course, capitalism.

The curious thing about this band is that every one of the band members contributes vocals. And if that wasn’t enough, they import guest vocalists. I mean, don’t go expecting four-part harmonies or anything, but it is interesting. Even the drummer sings (or yells), which is always cool. Guest vocals on the album are “Cages” with Anton Larsson (TERRORTORY) and a surprise appearance by Karolina Engdahl (TRUE MOON) onDrop the Hammer” (but an angry, shouty version and not the kinder, gentler Siouxsie Sioux version). There is also a guest solo on “Power and Control Wheel” by Max Grahn (Swedish songwriter, musician, and producer).

I won’t try to list standout tracks or regrets—10 tracks across 18 minutes tends to flatten out distinguishing factors. Or maybe I’ve been listening to too much Sludge and just can’t keep up to the blistering bpm.

THE ARSON PROJECT, “God Bless”: Solid Grindcore from the country that does all types of music right. For Hardcore, Grindcore, Thrash, and Punk, this is a good, quick fix.

7 / 10









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"God Bless" Track-listing:

1. Vultures of the Cross

2. Exchanging Dominance

3. Power and Control Wheel

4. Burn

5. For the Worms to Feed

6. Cages         

7. Tai-Atari     

8. Crumbling Grounds

9. Voluntary Human Extinction

10. Drop the Hammer


The Arson Project Lineup:

Niklas Larson – Vocals

Björn Pettersson – Bass, vocals

Oscar Lindberg – Drums, vocals

William Blom – Guitars, vocals


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