The Apex

The Apex

Hailing from Canada, Windsor in Ontario to be exact, it's a five man crew named […]
By Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook
May 16, 2015
The Apex - The Apex album cover

Hailing from Canada, Windsor in Ontario to be exact, it's a five man crew named THE APEX, releasing their debut album, self-titled, after looking around for some info about the band I found out that they are referring to their music style as Ghetto tech. According to some info over the web, it's a club style incorporating rap, electro and techno, probably the reason I have never heard about it. Also, what does this style has to do with Metal, let's hope I fill figure it out myself.

Starting to listen to the album immediately I figured out that using the term Ghetto tech in THE APEX Facebook page is a typo, no doubt that these guy's plays Technical Death Metal, so after understanding the mistake I can review the album easier.

THE APEX self-titled album consist of ten tracks of wall shatter Technical Death Metal, the biggest issue with that is me; I'm not a big fan of the style or should I say sub-genre, ever tough I will write down what I think about the album.

So what we got in THE APEX self-titled album is a brain bursting; it's like losing your bowel control and all the room gets filled with urine and feces, however I think that is what THE APEX are trying to achieve and from a more serious point of view the metal is good on this album (typo not a mistake), the guitar riffs doesn't stop even when you ask, all songs are short however even then they leave you with an after taste of belched metal in the mouth.

The best of the rest "Means to an End" is maybe the best track in the album, no debut with some "less" brutal metal with some melodic emphasize, "Interlude" track number six, as the name imply it's an interlude instrumental part, however it does show the band musical abilities. Also, be sure not to miss "Contention: Chapter 1", a great attack of guitar and drums with the distinct vocals by Darren what I call a live ball buster.

If you are looking for a serious metal attack that can end with a fecal incontinence you are for a treat.

8 / 10


"The Apex" Track-listing:

1. Contention: Chapter 2
2. Promise
3. Means to an End
4. Attack
5. Glass Walls
6. Interlude
7. If Detroit River Could Speak
8. You're Not Dead Yet?
9. The Girl Death Left Behind
10. Contention: Chapter 1

The Apex Lineup:

Steve - Guitar
Brian - Guitar
Tyson - Drums
Jer - Bass
Darren - Vocals

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