The Antichrist Imperium

The Anticrist Imperium

The London, United Kingdom-based four-piece Metal band THE ANTICHRIST IMPERIUM have released their self titled […]
By Aaron Eerdekens
October 6, 2015
The Antichrist Imperium - The Antichrist Imperium album cover

The London, United Kingdom-based four-piece Metal band THE ANTICHRIST IMPERIUM have released their self titled debut album, called, off course, "The Antichrist Imperium". What's special about them is that they play a genuine mix between Thrash, Black and Death Metal, which makes them hard to put a label on, Which speaks for them actually. They don't hold back either. From the first notes of "Elegy" it's all chaos and blackness, with Thrash metal guitar riffs and Black Metal drumming and vocals. After a couple of minutes the guitars go Black And Death Metal as well. The music gets slower and softer, the singing becomes clean and it becomes more about the atmosphere. Their mixed style becomes immediately clear and makes for a unique listening experience. "

"The Spiritual Rapist" begins the way "Elegy" ended, with a mood setting intro, after which the Thrash guitars come in once again to lift it all tot the next level. They keep their changes of pace up throughout the song, interchanging between dark black Thrash madness and intrusive Death and Black Metal moods. It ends with a great thrash-y guitar solo.

In "Desecrated Remains" they display some of the fastest guitar riff playing I have ever heard, and the same goes for the drumming. I don't know how they do it, but they keep fitting their mix of styles into one exciting whole. It really works wonders for them. It's unlike anything I have ever heard, but definitely in a good way.

"The Stiffening of Death" comes next, With once again some thrash-y guitars , Death Metal drumming and some Black Metal vocals. This time they keep it going almost until the end. I thought the drumming couldn't get any faster, but that was before I heard "Silhouette And Flame", which just explodes and makes your brain splatter all around against the borders of your skull. "Kill For Satan" starts very excitingly, with one of the best riffs on the album. The way they interchanged between styles in the beginning is gone, right now they just throw it all together in one bowl, mix it up and turn it into something grotesquely powerful and good. They keep this going until the last notes of the acoustic outro guitar in "Epitapth" fade away. Never would have guessed they'd use an acoustic guitar, but it just once again show how versatile they are. A very interesting listening experience.

8 / 10


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"The Antichrist Imperium" Track-listing:

1. Elegy
2. The Spiritual Rapist
3. Desecrated Remains
4. The Stiffening Of Death
5. Silhouette And Flame
6. Kill For Satan
7. Epitapth

The Anticrist Imperium Lineup:

Sam Loynes - Vocals
Sam Bean - Vocals
Matt Wilcock - Guitars
David Gray - Drums

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