Oh Martha!

The Accused

Well, where the hell have these guys been around all this time? The bride of […]
By Grigoris Chronis
May 19, 2006
The Accused - Oh Martha! album cover

Well, where the hell have these guys been around all this time? The bride of Iron Maiden's Eddie, the cousin of Megadeth's Vic, the niece of Judas Priest's Metallian is again among us: Martha - the relentless splatter lady mascot of The Accused - breathes gore again and I'm pretty sure she'll be gladly welcomed by all her diehard 'lovers'. Scream And Die a track goes; the figure of Martha Splatterhead pisses on everything harmful...
The Accused released their latest - so far - album, Splatter Rock years ago (1992, Nasty Mix). Being around from the very start of the 80's, this crew of lunatics released some really good shit in their first years of existence. Being more into the Hardcore/Thrashcore/Crossover (you name it) in the first albums, The Accused followed a more Metal/Thrash way in their late 80's/early 90's albums (Splatter Rock kicks serious ass!) and then...silence. I never tried to find out what happened to the band, to be honest, so I'm not sure whether they stopped the band or just didn't walk in a fuckin' studio to write a dozen of tunes. Bet even they can't be sure...
Back to the present: Oh Martha! is a fine The Accused album. Simple as this. A dozen (the dozen mentioned about above) of songs, The Accused way: speedy freaky thrashin' notes, chaotic bass/drums, sick Bay Area/NYHC vocals and everything a typical fan should wait for. To be precise for the non-loyal (the majority, anno 2006): in the vein of Exodus, Toxic, Cryptic Slaughter, D.R.I., Agnostic Front and Warfare (U.K.), also influenced by the Motorhead/Tank sound (there even is a pretty good Tank cover in here, the 1981 headbanging Filth Hounds Of Hades hymn - Algy rules!), Martha and Co. really pound good with this one. Of course, Punk elements are a basic factor on The Accused music, so be prepared to dance the Punk way if you wish.
Not to forget: the lyrical themes (even if only possessing the promo copy) deal with yummy splatter stories; the appropriate poetry for the likes of such an act.
You must be named The Accused to 'do' Olivia Newton John's Have You Never Been Mellow? (your way, of course) in your album, next to Thrashcore/Punk songs and a Tank cover. The Accused do not take themselves so serious, even after 25 years of recording albums. You shouldn't, either; still bear in mind that - when it comes to headbangin' music - the band means business. Oh Martha! is a goodie, hands down, for old-school madcaps!

7 / 10


"Oh Martha!" Track-listing:

Martha Will
Fueled By Hate
Fast Zombies Rule
Dying On The Vine
Hooker Fortified Pork Products
Life Kills On
Filth Hounds Of Hades
Stay Dead
Scream And Die
Of The Body
Have You Never Been Mellow?

The Accused Lineup:

Blaine Cook - Vocals
Tommy Niemeyer - Guitars
Alex Sibbald - Bass
Steve Nelson - Drums

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