Coming from Schongau, Germany, TEZURA is a Thrash Metal band with Metalcore and Progressive Metal […]
By Santiago Puyol
October 2, 2019
Tezura - Voices album cover

Coming from Schongau, Germany, TEZURA is a Thrash Metal band with Metalcore and Progressive Metal influences. The band was founded in 2018 and are introducing themselves with the demo "Voices," a catchy four-track, 22-minute experience. Their sound shifts between angular, thrashy riffing and punk-inspired aggression.

"Behind the Glow" starts with intense riffing and fast-paced drumming, feeling a lot like old school Thrash with a modern pulse from the harsh vocals and audible bassline. It feels a lot like the Hardcore-inspired side of SLAYER or ANTHRAX for the first three minutes before exploding into a melodic but still heavy section. A great solo caps off this excellent opener before reverting to the Metalcore-tingled first section.

The title track feels closer to the early days of METALLICA. Lukas Mayr drums at a frantic pace, keeping up with subtle tempo and mood changes, while Timo Kammerer takes on an urgent, confrontational vocal style. It is a total banger, with tasteful shredding and great syncopation from the rhythm section.

"Apotheosis" manages to be the heaviest and pop-like track on the demo. It gets into blast beat territory on its chorus while the verses have some nasty guitar and punky rhythm. Midway through, it sets into a nice groove followed by some guitar acrobatics. It is an explosive, pyrotechnic song.

"Sun" feels more sinister and mysterious. Its intro riff veers toward classic Heavy Metal or even some intense Hard Rock. Another highlight for drummer Mayr, whom gets to show-off his chops with a changing structure. Some Alternative Metal influences slip through on the middle third of the track. Kammerer sounds ominously similar to James Hetfield at several points.

This German quartet surely is a talented bunch. The musicianship is tight, the songwriting more than effective and never meandering, especially considering this is a demo. In a similar sense, production is clean enough to be an independent demo. There are few nitpicks in that sense, even if it is a bit rugged.

TEZURA seems a promising band, and "Voices" certainly is a high-quality demo. Great things might be coming their way.

7 / 10









"Voices" Track-listing:

1. Behind the Glow
2. Voices
3. Apotheosis
4. Sun

Tezura Lineup:

Timo Kammerer - Guitars & Vocals
Phil Elste - Guitars
Max Wopinski - Bass
Lukas Mayr - Drums

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