TERRORWAY is an Italian group that comes straight from the island of Sardinia off the […]
By Yassine "SpiritCrusher" Mankai
September 9, 2013
Terrorway - Blackwaters album cover

TERRORWAY is an Italian group that comes straight from the island of Sardinia off the Mediterranean. The first album of the Italians is supposed to be released on September 30, has so far leave a good impression on the web. The album consists of 9 tracks in a style that revolves around a Thrash / Groove Metal, very piquant with musical a component that recalls the long history of this region.

I must admit that I went through this album several times, since I found pleasure in feeling the intensity of the songs. From a general point of view, this is a very well thought out, designed and produced album. The intention of the Italians was not wasting time; it's like their third or fourth album. I was quite surprised by the maturity of the pieces offered, "Wretched" confronted me with riffs hard to decipher. As walking into this album, I am still discovering the approach taken by TERRORWAY, indeed each song brings its own unhealthy and aggressive atmosphere as in "In A Swamp" or "Keep Walking Silent".

If you want to hear the most brutal song on the album, jump immediately to "The Inescapable Plot" and "Chained", you'll feel MESHUGGAH in the air. In fact, Ivan fois and his friends did not hesitate to compose songs with more complex arrangements. I liked the work given by Cosma Secchi behind his drums, great precision and determination. Clean guitars were present in several passages to give more alternations check out "Renewel" for example.

I do not hesitate to say out loud that this band is well on the right path, with an unexpected and unclassifiable style. Do not miss this Italian quartet with their album and find out their Metal.

8 / 10


"Blackwaters" Track-listing:

1. Wretched
2. Blackwaters
3. In a Swamp
4. Keep Walking Silent
5. The Inescapable Plot
6. Chained
7. Renewal
8. A Cursed Race
9. Ruins

Terrorway Lineup:

Giovanni Serra - Bass
Cosma Secchi - Drums
Ivan Fois - Guitars
Valentino "Sidh" Casarotti - Vocals

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